Multinational life insurance
company enhances CX powered
by Uniphore's akeiraTM

A global life insurance company with a presence in over 50 countries currently insures over 100 million lives, including 3.6+ million lives in India.

  • Inability to engage with its long-term, high-value customers
  • Unavailability of an automated self-service platform for repetitive tasks and queries
  • Non-existence of a digital avatar for brand awareness
  • Not equipped to support its continuously expanding client base and scale up
  • High cost of operations

  • akeira™—An interactive AI-powered virtual assistant which supports multi-global languages that can resolve customer queries with empathy driven, human-like contextual responses.

  • Enabled customer self-service through an omnichannel 24X7 conversational assistant
  • Aided customers with easy access to transaction details of their account
  • Improved sales efficiency to convert leads
  • Recommended customers with other products offered
  • Handled FAQs effortlessly with faster and easier navigation
  • Enhanced customer engagement through marketing resources
  • Automated relevant notifications, reminders and real-time alerts for customers


The company wanted a business solution that would enable its consumers with an intuitive voice and text interfaced, self-service platform. In other words, provide them with a virtual assistant that could understand account-related queries spoken in natural language and resolve them at the customers’ convenience and in real time.


akeira™ was chosen for its robust omnichannel, multi-lingual and AI driven Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine—capable of understanding customer “Intent” from voice and text inputs. It could also provide instant, customized and precise results by parsing natural language questions and matching these questions with a single correct answer. The akeira™ NLU engine achieved this using advanced, machine-learning capabilities and became more efficient in understanding customers’ needs and intents with each interaction,irrespective of the queries coming in an unstructured format.

An interactive mobile application was built with the capability to act as a personal assistant to users, allowing them to set reminders for due dates and other key transactions. The intelligent assistant based on akeira™ enabled customers to access transactional information, update requests, appointments, and download documents. It also eliminated the need for IVR menus in customer care channels.