In the News / 07.09.2015

Uniphore Software System’s auMina Improves Accuracy in Indian Speech Recognition

One of the biggest issues when it comes to the contact center is language. Not everyone speaks the same language, and even when the same language is spoken, it’s seldom spoken the same way twice. A new report suggests that Uniphore Software System’s Speech Recognition Solutions Company’s new release, auMina, may be on the way to bridging one major language gap: the one between speech analytics systems and Indian languages.

Recently, Speech Recognition Solutions Company brought out version 2.0 of its auMina speech analytics system, which in turn allows businesses to analyze speech data and put it to use as part of a broader big data kind of operation. With speech analytics, businesses can search recorded speech directly for trends and other actionable data, which can be put to use in improving the business. But auMina takes things one step further by offering support for over 25 different Indian and international languages, handling them with 95 percent accuracy.

That’s a great step forward, and it gets better from there. Additionally, auMina can offer real-time transcription capability, converting voice audio to text, and providing sentiment analysis systems to get a better idea of some of the less tangible aspects of a voice call. Putting such tools to work can not only add value to workforce optimization capability, but also help to improve the overall customer experience, making for more satisfied customers in the end. What’s more, auMina is available at “dramatically low costs,” which helps improve the odds of profitability from putting such a system to use thanks to likely improvements in business processes.

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