"A visual drag and drop interface enables business analysts, senior agents, and product owners to quickly create, modify, test and deploy call flows or establish layouts, change roles, rules and privileges -- without the need for IT support."

SVP Customer Care

Priceline logo on a vibrant green backdrop showcasing the company's unique branding.

About the Client

As a leading online travel agency, Priceline.com offers discount rates for travel-related purchases such as airline tickets and hotel stays. The company facilitates the provision of travel services from its suppliers to its clients. Delivering a consistent and empathetic customer experience is paramount for Priceline.com. Their customer operations and technology teams leverage Uniphore’s low code customer service automation platform to guide their customer service representatives.

Our Approach

Real-time guidance for agents allowed for efficient call handling of customers.

Ownership of content shifted from IT to customer service introducing flexibility and agility.

A visual Drag & Drop interface enabled Priceline to create, modify, test and deploy call flows fast.
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Priceline was able to

  • Handle 4.5M guided interactions/year by simplifying the agent work experience.
  • Eliminate approx. 15,000 emails saving 500+ hours/mo. through automation.
  • Improve accuracy with adaptive UI reducing call’s average handling time.

What's Next

Priceline’s COVID-19 Pivot

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Priceline changed and instituted its policies in near real-time and deployed across its supporting BPO network.

Uniphore’s agent guidance call scripting software allowed Priceline’s non-call center staff to field calls during peak times.