Reduce ACW and AHT with Conversational AI and Automation

Reduce ACW and AHT with Conversational AI and Automation

A hand interacting with a digital interface displaying AI and automation graphics, with text about ACW Automation benefits.

After-call work (ACW) in contact centers is crucial to taking customer conversations to their logical conclusion. ACW includes call summary, categorization, next steps, and essential wrap up items that contribute to the average handling time (AHT).

Leveraging AI and real-time speech transcription is used to drive automation ACW summary and call dispositions, thus reducing wrap up time and AHT.  Automating ACW is critical as contact centers reduce average call waiting times and AHT while trying to drive hidden insights to improve the customer experience.

In the telecom industry, ACW can help to understand service shortcomings, predict, and reduce the customer churn, upsell, and cross-sell additional telecom services based on customer profile and preferences, among other things.

Learn how to reduce after-call work and average handle time with conversational AI and automation by reading this insightful article now.

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