Legacy Extension – XHTML Interface

Building upon Jacada’s history of user interface innovation, users can now simultaneously deliver the most flexible and functional web clients on the market today. Users can generate both Java source code and XHTML graphical user interfaces from a single design from a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” (WYSIWYG) development environment.

The Jacada® Interface Server and corresponding software development kit enable you to design and deliver multiple thin client graphical and programmatic interfaces from a single design tool and deployment environment. Jacada has long believed that no single interface language or type is appropriate for all situations. That’s why Jacada products have always enabled the generation of multiple interface types and languages.

The Jacada Interface Server’s XHTML delivery includes the following capabilities and benefits:

  • XML-based HTML generation. The Jacada Interface Server delivers HTML by first rendering the interface as standard XML. This flexible infrastructure enables interface delivery to virtually any user on any device.
  • Open, extensible client interface. The Jacada Interface Server’s XHTML solution continues Jacada’s approach of openness, enabling the extension and integration of the generated client interface using standard JavaScript.
  • Customizable “on-the-fly” XHTML generation. The Jacada Interface Server provides “on-the-fly” generation of an ultra-thin XHTML interface that is fully customizable. A customized XHTML interface for existing legacy applications can be deployed in just days.
  • “WYSIWYG” generation of Java and XHTML. The Jacada Interface Server is the only product on the market that supports the “WYSIWYG” generation of an open and extendable Java and XHTML client from a single design.
  • Function key support. The most limiting factor in Internet-enabling legacy applications with HTML has been the loss of function key support as the browser “takes control” of the keyboard. Jacada’s XHTML solution eliminates this problem by providing full keyboard support, which enables users to control the application in a familiar and productive fashion.

The Jacada KnowledgeBase

The heart of the Jacada development process is the Jacada KnowledgeBase. The Jacada KnowledgeBase provides the ultimate in defining and managing interface standards across any interface type or application architecture. By using the Jacada KnowledgeBase to automatically enforce your interface standards, all applications automatically provide a unified front to your users.

The Jacada KnowledgeBase is a rules-based engine that acts as a global repository for your organization’s interface standards. Every interface built automatically inherits the Jacada KnowledgeBase definitions, ensuring consistency across any application. Additionally, the Jacada KnowledgeBase remembers every move it makes. That means you can change your mind about push-button styles, background colors, whatever, and the Jacada KnowledgeBase will tell what interfaces will be affected and then will make the change for you. This offers total freedom in design, without the usual penalties for changing your mind!

What’s more, Jacada offers pre-packaged KnowledgeBases that conform to popular enterprise packaged application interfaces. This allows you to fully leverage your investment in CRM or ERP software by ensuring a consistent look and feel across all of your systems.

Jacada Interface Server Features

Server-based Integration. Provides powerful server-side integration. And because it is a Java application, it can be easily deployed in a two-tier or n-tier application model.

Open API. Provides a Java or COM API to allow easy access from any application or tool supporting Java or COM.

XML exchange capability. Ability to receive and send data and processing requests through XML documents. Enables simplified e-business exchange through standard XML.

Code samples. Jacada comes complete with a series of templates to help you get started. Sample code for integrating with Lotus Notes/Domino and other e-commerce solutions are provided to jump-start your web initiatives.

Automated conversion using the Jacada KnowledgeBase. Automates the collection and analysis of the existing application interface. With the ability to import host screen definition source files such as BMS, MFS, and DDS, Jacada provides a complete and rapid transformation of existing interface logic.

Scalability, Reliability, Security. The Jacada Interface Server is a specialized application server designed specifically for the demanding requirements of high-transaction applications. The Jacada Interface Server can be deployed on NT, AS/400, and Solaris servers. The Jacada Interface Server supports dynamic load balancing, even across multiple server types. So your business transactions can scale across whatever server configuration gives you the best cost/performance advantage.

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