Conversational Analytics for Performance Excellence

Conversational Analytics to Enhance Performance Management

auMina QSense™

Are you using conversational analytics to enhance your agent’s performance and productivity? auMina QSense™ helps you do just that with ease. Simplify the usual conundrum of manual processes with a smarter and directed approach to monitoring agent quality and performance.

From smart sampling of calls for auditing to agent coaching and self-evaluation, auMina QSense™ provides an interactive QA dashboard and workflow tools— Quality Management for automated auditing and compliance, and Agent Self-Evaluation for enhancing agent performance—that let you boost productivity and efficiency of your agents and QA teams.

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auMina QSense™

Business Value

auMina QSense™ combines the power of Quality Management and Agent Self-Evaluation tool to transform agent’s performance leading to great customer service.

Enhanced Agent Performance
Increased Customer Loyalty
Higher First Call Resolution

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