At Uniphore we are focused on helping transform the consumer service experience and design and deliver technology solutions to do just that. Our solutions harness the power of natural speech to help you build enterprise class service delivery platforms that address real consumer problems.

Our solutions allow any service delivery application to understand and respond to natural human speech, letting your consumers use the most natural of all communication modes, speech, to engage any service delivery application. Enterprises across industry, size and geographies deploy Uniphore’s solution to dramatically improve employee productivity, reduce operational cost and deliver superior service.
Uniphore’s solutions have unleashed the power of human speech to build the future of world-class service delivery.

Our solutions have been designed to use speech-based technology to change the way consumers perceive brands. We help you discover trends and anticipate needs, improve consumer experience, deliver top class service, and eliminate fraud and identity theft.

Uniphore’s solutions integrate speech recognition and voice biometrics with smart devices to deliver an efficient, service delivery platform. As the leader in multi-lingual enterprise voice solutions, Uniphore has pioneered the development of integrated speech-based applications, catering to leaders in several industries, including banking, financial services, healthcare, agriculture, education and retail.


Performance & Efficiency Enhancement

Uniphore’s Speech Analytics solution helps enterprises gain deep insights into consumer dynamics, enabling them to incorporate performance enhancements, improve efficiency, productivity optimizations, as well as identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

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Premium Consumer Experience

Uniphore’s Virtual Assistant solution helps deliver a premium consumer experience by engaging them in conversation in a completely interactive manner. Akeira can handle anything from simple service requests in callers’ native language, to continued conversations with multi-turn and contextual dialogs, and can be deployed via a variety of interface.

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Fraud Protection & Identity Security

Uniphore’s Voice Biometrics solution is an innovative alternative to remote user authentication, assuring security for phone-based transactions. Your consumers enjoy a faster and more pleasant experience while being certain that their identity is safe with you.

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What Clients say

Speech analytics

Uniphore’s Speech Analytics Solution has helped us achieve over 80% reduction in regulatory compliance cost for monitoring interactions in the contact center.
Leading American Financial Services Provider

Case study: auMina Helps Financial Services Company Improve Compliance Learn how we deployed our audio mining solution to deliver better compliance, reduce opex by analyzing contact center interactions More Case Studies
Whitepaper: Leverage Audio Mining For Better Business Learn how our audio mining solution helps enterprises improve data processing, consumer satisfaction and fraud identification. More Whitepapers
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Other voice solutions from uniphore
Voice Biometrics

Multi-language and truly portable solution for high-risk transactions that makes use of the user’s own voice for extremely accurate identity verification.

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Virtual Assistant

A smart and intuitive virtual assistant solution that makes premium service delivery seem effortless through a human-like machine interface.

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