How Speech Recognition Technologies Can Help Your Brand to be Digitally Omnipresent

How Speech Recognition Technologies Can Help Your Brand to be Digitally Omnipresent

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Technology in contact centers evolves based on two primary factors: what enables a more seamless customer experience and what decreases the cost of delivering it. Remote services need to be equipped with mediums, such as mobile apps, social-media integrated platforms, and automated customer-service modules, which are now some new avenues that contact centers are taking to make operations cheaper and expand their reach.

Speech Recognition for Digital Omnipresence
Speech recognition solutions for digital omnipresence

Speech Recognition and Biometric Authentication

Like a fingerprint, every human voice has a unique signature which can help machines to identify people. For callers trying to reach contact centers, voice-based authentication is one of the easiest ways to create a robust security mechanism, especially when compared to questions like “what’s your mother’s first name” and “please confirm your date of birth”. With voice-based authentication, one gets rid of time-consuming processes, and the authentication becomes completely machine dependent. If your IT set up is equipped to recognize speech, it can also respond to human callers by invoking the right subroutines with a little more involvement of technology.

Speech Data and the Treasure It Holds

Speech Analytics is one of the most effective tools to discover “hidden insights”. When callers have their messages heard, either by an executive or a voice bot, it can be fed through a computer to discover how callers’ emotions change based on the responses and what kind of customer profiles relate to what kind of emotions. Artificial Intelligence can be used to recognize the idiosyncrasies and things of such nature, of a particular demographic, and that is how language capabilities can improve over time.

Uniphore’s Speech and Voice Recognition Solutions 


The need for a contact center to understand their customers and prospects (callers) can never be undermined. U-Analyze is a powerful speech analytics solution that helps enterprises unravel valuable insights out of customer interactions. From understanding customer sentiments to helping agents to effectively cross-sell/up-sell, the benefits U-Analyze goes as far as helping companies in offering customised products/solutions.

U-Self Serve

Making the interaction process automated can help contact centers curtail major costs related to manned processes. U-Self Serve’s native language capabilities can help a machine-generated voice to interact through contextual dialogs. Uniphore’s Virtual Assistant software allows for a self-service experience in an intuitive manner. It feels natural to the caller and can be used over multiple interaction channels.


U-Trust is a biometrics solution and it allows callers to authenticate their identity on phone-based transactions. This makes the caller-authentication process completely automated and removes the component of manual authentication as well. Besides making the process faster, U-Trust ensures the process is more robust as well.

The fundamental need for contact centers is to streamline operations. Voice-based automation is one of the key elements that companies are looking at beyond appification. Low cost and efficient speech analytics are gaining ground, as it offers business insights for decision makers and makes the administration swifter.

For an in-depth understanding of how technology in Contact Centres evolved over the last few decades and what the future has in store, click The Evolution and Future of Contact Centre Technology for the Whitepaper. 

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