Leading US health insurance brand increases its
agents’ productivity by automating mandatory
tasks with Uniphore’s auMinaTM

The claims processing department of the health insurance company works for organizations to ensure that their employee claims are processed efficiently. It has multiple contact centers across several locations, with more than 1000 contact center agents that handle over a million calls annually.

  • Agents spending valuable time on after-call work
  • Agents not able to truly listen to voice of customer
  • Agents distracted by having to access multiple applications
  • Agents not able to derive insights due to huge call volumes

  • Automated mandatory tasks with conversational AI
  • Introduced chatbot to take over simpler customer calls
  • Augmented agent capability with alerts and knowledge base
  • Extracted valuable insights by listening to voice of customer


Reduced after call work by 80%
& average call handle time by 20%

Increased first call resolution thanks
to agent capability augmentation

Improved productivity of agents
and satisfaction of customers

Achieved annual cost savings
amounting to $6 million.


The company had limited agent bandwidth and had to deal with high call volumes. It was observed that manual after-call-work summarization caused factual errors and agents sometimes missed out on capturing important information. Additionally, it was difficult to monitor every call manually to capture important information accurately from the customers' voice data.

This task used to take about 60 seconds for each call, taking the average call handling time to five minutes. It was observed that call center agents were spending too much of their valuable time in mandatory after-call-work tasks. The company wanted to automate this process to help agents reduce the time spent doing mandatory tasks, increase their productivity and bring more focus on client servicing.


The customer chose Uniphore’s Conversational Analytics solution—auMina™ to reduce operational cost and time spent by customer service advisors on mandatory tasks. The conversational analytics solution auMina™ uses the power of AI, NLP and ML technologies to increase the productivity of contact center agents by automating disposition capture and after-call-work summarization of every call.


As the call progresses between a customer and the agent, the solution transfers the recorded audio to the transcription engine where the speech is converted to text. The transcript of the call is further sent to a Natural Language Processing (NLP) layer to extract relevant information. The system automatically generates call summary. The auto-summarized report of a call eventually reflects on the Agent Desktop Application. The agent can now review and edit call summary within the Agent Desktop Application and take necessary action if required.