A prescription for better CX: Drive Better Health Outcomes and Profitability with Conversational AI and Automation

Join key guests, Russ Onofrio, Director of the Service Center at Southcoast Health, Natalie Schibell, MPH, Senior Analyst at Forrester, and Vijai Shankar, Vice President, Product and Growth Marketing at Uniphore as they chat more on key trends, use cases, challenges to overcome and a natural roadmap to transform the patient and member experience.

In this fireside chat, you will learn:

Conversational AI and automation are rapidly modernizing today’s healthcare consumer experience. Healthcare service providers that have implemented these solutions are seeing significant returns on their investments with major improvements across all key metrics on patient satisfaction, including Medicare CMS and net promoter scores (NPS).



Guest SpeakerNatalie Schibell

MPH, Senior Analyst, Forrester
Natalie Schibell is a senior analyst at Forrester serving healthcare leaders. Her research helps healthcare organizations leverage digital technologies to improve workflows and healthcare outcomes. Her research agenda focuses on enterprise health clouds, automation, tech titan disruption, and the new care continuum with particular emphasis on clinician experiences and the future of work in the provider space.

Russ Onofrio

Director of the Service Center, Southcoast Health
Russ has more than 20 years’ experience helping companies achieve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, and provide a leading customer/patient experience. He is currently responsible for driving Southcoast Health's call center transformation into a world-class contact center by introducing foundational changes in business processes, enhanced operating model, innovative technology solutions, and delivering an exceptional customer experience for the patient and employee. Russ has been invited to speak nationally on the topics of operational metrics, performance management and employee motivation with organizations like PACE (Professional Association of Customer Engagement), NECCF (Northeast Contact Center Forum) and various vendors events. He is a member of Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA), a certified NPS professional and received Customer Experience-PRO certification from HorizonCX.

Vijai Shankar

Vice President, Product & Growth Marketing at Uniphore
Vijai Shankar brings two decades of enterprise marketing experience as Vice President of Product and Growth Marketing at Uniphore. At Uniphore, Vijai leads the global product marketing, demand generation, field marketing and marketing operations teams and drives the strategic initiatives relating to market positioning, differentiation, and revenue growth. Before Uniphore, Vijai held senior marketing roles at Xactly, 247.ai, Kony and Genesys.