2020: Delivering Happiness in Dynamic Contact Center Space

2020: Delivering Happiness in Dynamic Contact Center Space

2020 is a great year for customer experience. We have seen Artificial Intelligence and automation transforming contact centers in the past few years and we are just getting started. In this white paper you will learn about the changing scenario of contact centers wherein AI is not just improving the customer experience, but it is bringing in innovations and improving the overall efficiency of the contact centers. Along with improving CX, the focus of dynamic contact centers is also on empowering agents, understanding their problems, helping these agents do a better job and ultimately retaining them. Thus, employee satisfaction is also vital to a happy contact center experience.

This white paper covers the following important topics:

  • The importance of employee engagement
  • Addressing the complexities in a contact center
  • Understanding the attended RPA boom
  • Integration of front office and back office systems

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Table of Contents