New Retail CX: How Humans & Machines Optimize Conversations

New Retail CX: How Humans & Machines Optimize Conversations

Today’s retail customers have higher expectations than ever—particularly when it comes to digital customer experience. Shaped by the global pandemic, which forced billions to adopt new shopping behaviors, customers are notably less patient, more demanding and more proficient online. They also have more options at their fingertips. To remain competitive in this increasingly digital landscape, retailers must create an inviting and intuitive customer experience that works seamlessly from end to end and across all channels.

Research shows that understanding conversations is critical for retailers undergoing digital transformation. In fact, customers routinely rank high-quality customer service and timely issue resolution among the most important online shopping considerations. To deliver both, retailers are increasingly turning to conversational AI and automation. From streamlining and simplifying self-service to augmenting live agent interactions, these tools help optimize every conversation, delivering measurably better outcomes, including:

Learn more about how intelligent technology, like Uniphore’s conversational AI and automation platform, is helping retailers leverage conversations to drive revenue, build loyalty and deliver differentiated experiences that exceed today’s sky-high customer expectations.

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