Uniphore X Platform

Unlocking the value of every enterprise conversation.

Industry’s first conversational AI and automation platform. Drive real-time contextualized engagement with customers to increase CSAT and NPS. Empower enterprise sellers with emotional intelligence to improve closure rates. Improve operational efficiency with workflow automation.

Focus on innovation and business growth, not on tech.

X unifies and simplifies multiple complex processes, so you can concentrate on what matters.

Conversational AI

Understand the intent across multiple languages to effectively engage and guide

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Emotion AI

Deliver personalized, relevant, and contextual experiences

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Workflow & Process Automation

Automate business processes with or without human guidance​

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Workflow & Process Automation

Attended RPA Unattended RPA

Intuitive Customer Journey Designer

Design applications using the same business logic to prioritize innovation and growth

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Intuitive Customer Journey Designer

Business-friendly UX

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AI that helps humans be better.

We’ve always been about developing tech that can help humans be better, complete tasks easier and help them understand each other.

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AI alone isn't enough to drive ROI.

Artificial intelligence provides the context to accurately guide automation—whether led by humans or machines. But it’s just part of the solution. Only by combining AI with workflow and robotic process automation, can businesses truly make an impact.

Intuitively design experience vs.
fumbling with code.

Our low-code / no-code automation platform makes it easy to build the experience you—and your customers—want. No coding skills or IT support required.

We’re focused on building solutions for the enterprise.

AI and automation are core to our DNA. Meet U and Q. Built on the Uniphore X platform, these solutions drive an industry shift in democratizing AI. With U, brands can build more meaningful customer relationships. With Q, enterprise sellers can leverage the power of emotional quotient for better results.


The Industry’s Defining
Conversational AI & Automation Platform

Omnichannel Self-Serve Bots
AI-Driven Analytics and Quality Automation
Voice ID for Employee Authentication
Lightning Fast, Most Advanced Agent Augmentation Using RPA
Computer Vision for Real-Time Facial Expression
Tonal Emotion
Voice AI
Correlate Outcomes to Sentiment, Engagement and Key Moments

Built with your customer in mind - across all industries.

We unlock value for businesses across a wide variety of industries by providing them with the analysis needed to take action and deliver best-in-class service to their customers.