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Better Sales Meetings.
More Predictable Revenue.

With Q for Sales, you gain real-time customer sentiment and engagement insights to boost your Sales team’s performance in every meeting and throughout every deal. Q helps B2B sales teams identify behavioral cues, “read the room,” and better understand their customers and market.


We just need a little more information to start your trail.

*60 Day trial offers only available for companies with 50 sellers or more.

Goodbye Guesswork.
Hello Understanding.

Say goodbye to flying blind and guessing what matters most to your buyers.  Boring your prospects on video calls and missing important cues makes you 70% more likely to lose a deal¹. This is where Q for Sales can help.

Understand Buyer Sentiment and Engagement in Real-Time.

Regain your ability to “read the room” in virtual meetings. Identify your champions as well as your challengers.

A screen shot of a group of people in a sales meeting via video conference, aiming to generate predictable revenue.
A screen shot of the Slack dashboard displaying Predictable Revenue data for the Sales Meetings.

Track Deal Health & Identify Your True Champions

Stop guessing on the health of an opportunity, or who is in your corner and start committing with confidence.

Create Value Faster & More Effectively

Automatically Capture Meeting Notes & Action Items​

Our AI eliminates meeting busy work so you can avoid distractions without ever missing a customer commitment.

A screen shot of a video conference with a group of people, possibly for sales meetings or predictable revenue discussions.
A screen shot of a video conference screen displaying a group of people.

Share Key Moments and Scale Best Practices.

Quickly identify what works best based on your customer’s reactions and instantly share those insights with your team.

Be on the Cutting-Edge of Revenue Intelligence

Join our Beta Trial and experience the difference FREE for up to 60 days.

Included in your 60 Day Free Trial:

Built for modern revenue teams on:

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Harness the power of EQ for your revenue team

Ventana research's 15th annual digital innovation awards.
The zoom app marketplace logo is available on Zoom for sales meetings and predictable revenue.
The webex app hub logo is now available for Sales Meetings on webex app hub.

¹ McKinsey & Company

² Beta Trial offer is Available for up to 100 sellers

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