Q for Sales

Emotion Intelligence for Revenue Teams

Helping sales perform at their best.
Every meeting. Every deal. Every day.


The future of sales is virtual.

Q for Sales improves EQ and provides sales teams the contextual insights they need to perform at their best. Purpose built for B2B sales teams engaging customers over video and digital channels, Q for Sales is the only EQ-based sales solution to offer real-time and post-call sentiment, engagement, and EQ-based conversation intelligence for revenue teams.

Real-Time EQ Assist

Real-Time Emotion AI assistant to help sellers “read the room,” sense emotional cues, and improve engagement during virtual meetings

Meeting EQ

Meeting playbacks, contextual key moments, engagement & sentiment trends for all members of your meeting.

Deal EQ

Opportunity level insights, customer sentiment & engagement timelines, and key moments from first meeting to closed-won.

Key Moments

Provides real-time analytics that show highlights and low lights in the conversation – moments of peak and weak audience engagement so the presenter can self correct.

Team EQ + Improve

Personal EQ Performance Dashboard for Self-Coaching and onboarding to improve ramp time. Q provides sellers measurable EQ performance analytics, conversation statistics, and a post- meeting analysis and next best actions on every meeting.


Works seamlessly with major virtual meeting platforms, CRMs and calendar platforms.

Team EQ + Improve

The first coaching solution to focus on EQ, Q for Sales allows sales leaders to identify and coach to key moments, improving seller self-awareness through self-assessment tools like Q score, conversion stats and buyer sentiment and engagement trends.

Experience Q for SalesBETA

Want to take Q for SalesBETA for a test drive? Try the beta version, and see what Q can do for your sales team.