• Are you looking to eliminate fraud in consumer transactions?
  • Do you want your consumers to trust you as a brand with a strong security conscience?
  • Do you want to eliminate the risk of unauthorized access of sensitive information?
  • Voice Biometrics technology assures user authentication by using every individual’s unique voice-prints. It reduces the costs and risks associated with authentication that requires passwords or sharing of sensitive data. amVoice, Uniphore’s voice biometrics solution offers an innovative alternative for remote user authentication irrespective of access device and language. It forms a unique biometric voice-print using the characteristics of an individual’s voice. This voice-print can be compared with an existing voice-print database to confirm identity of the user.

    amVoice offers consumers a faster and more pleasant experience, without having to worry about transactional security. Since consumers can remotely authenticate themselves using their unique voice-print, the Identification and Verification (ID&V) process can be reduced to less than 15 seconds and is fully automated within the IVR. amVoice is a state of art non-intrusive identity authentication solution that also reduces call time and operational costs.

    Improve Fraud Protection

    Improve Fraud Protection

    Enhance Consumer Experience

    Enhance Consumer Experience

    Reduce Call Time and Cost

    Reduce Call Time and Cost

    Maintain Your Brand Equity

    Maintain Your Brand Equity

    Uniphore’s secure and efficient identity verification system assures consumers that you offer them maximum protection against identity theft and fraud.

    Uniphore’s amVoice can be deployed over IVR, enabling accessibility from even the most basic feature phone. Alternatively, the technology can be integrated into mobile apps applications across iOS, Android and Windows platforms. With amVoice, you can also:

    Improve Fraud Protection : amVoice helps you fight fraud, prevent losses, eliminate vulnerabilities and safeguard your consumers’ vital data. amVoice creates and compares a caller’s voice-print to a pre-recorded voice-print to confirm the true identity of the caller and authenticate further action.

    Enhance Consumer Experience : amVoice provides the strongest method for authenticating callers and detecting fraudsters, without causing any hassle to your consumers. Since callers’ voice-prints are matched automatically with existing voice-prints, they do not have to share sensitive information with another individual or device.


    Reduce call time and cost : As there are no elaborate authentication questions involved to confirm identity, consumers find the process smooth and quick. Within seconds their own voice confirms their identity and they can move on to what they really want.


    Maintain your brand equity : Your consumers need to be sure that their identity and vital data remains safe. Even the slightest error or mishap can cause a lot of damage to your brand equity in the long term. With our voice biometrics solution, you can be sure that we got your back, and can promise your consumers the highest levels of security.

    To enroll in the voice biometrics system, a caller creates a ‘voice-print’ by speaking any common phrase in her native or preferred language. The voice-print is as unique to the caller as a fingerprint, and is built using 32 different elements of the user’s voice pattern, both behavioral and physiological. It is used as the digital representation of her voice, and as a standard of comparison for authentication when she calls in the future. A consumer can simply speak her pass phrase into the device, after which the system matches, her voice-print to the stored voice-print, and accepts or rejects it.

    What Clients say

    Speech analytics

    Uniphore’s Speech Analytics Solution has helped us achieve over 80% reduction in regulatory compliance cost for monitoring interactions in the contact center.
    Leading American Financial Services Provider


    • Language Independent
    • 99% Accuracy
    • Active/ Real time Learning
    • Enterprise or Cloud-based API
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