Hotel & Casino Leader Bets on CX to Vault to the Top of the Digital Betting Industry 

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Differentiate newest sportsbook offering in a crowded, established market

With an average cost to acquire a monthly unique player (MUP) hovering between $500 and $700, maintaining player loyalty is a high-stakes game. Players have a plethora of digital gaming and betting options to choose from, and can easily defect to another platform if the betting experience fails to meet expectations.

So for one of the largest hotel and casino resorts in the world, differentiating their newest sportsbook offering in a crowded and established market required a bold new strategy–leveraging conversational AI and automation technology to transform the customer experience (CX) and drive player loyalty.

Part of the plan involved offering an elevated betting experience with more options for wagering, integration with the brand’s industry leading loyalty program, and gaming accessibility across multiple channels.

At the heart of the plan involved hedging on a long-term bet: delivering exceptional customer experience as a competitive differentiator. To achieve this goal, the company looked to harness CX data from their contact center and derive insights to better differentiate its service and offerings.

The hotel and casino conglomerate also sought to scale responsive customer service through intelligent virtual agents (IVAs). With IVAs, customers would be able to resolve common issues at any time of day, without having to wait for a live agent for assistance.

In brief, the company wanted to achieve three main objectives:

Sportsbooking by the Numbers

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Digital sports betting total addressable market (TAM)

$ 0 +

Average cost to acquire a monthly unique player (MUP)

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Of MUP base generates 80% of average revenue per player (ARP)


Deliver market-leading CX with an intelligent virtual agent and AI-powered analytics

After evaluating several vendors for conversational analytics, conversational self-service, and live agent assistance, the company decided to partner with Uniphore.

The primary reasons for selecting Uniphore’s suite of products were:

Given the growth rate of business, seasonal volumes, and current operational pressures, the gaming leader sought to deploy the solutions as quickly possible.

To expedite time to value, Uniphore worked closely with the company to plan the parallel deployment of U-Self Serve’s intelligent virtual agent solution and U-Analyze’s conversational analytics solution.

By utilizing an iterative approach with more release cycles, Uniphore was able to significantly reduce delivery time. The rapid deployment enabled the delivery team to leverage early results to fine-tune and prioritize the AI applications for subsequent iterations.

Upon go-live, the company gained valuable insights into how their customers were engaging their live and virtual agents. In addition to monitoring intent accuracy and missed utterances, open issues were tracked to ensure a positive customer experience.


Dramatic improvements in customer satisfaction, intent accuracy and self-service usage and adoption

In the initial phase of the rollout, the company was able to deflect more than 1 in 3 calls from live agents using U-Self Serve’s intelligent virtual agent.

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Customer satisfaction (CSAT score)

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Call deflection rate using U-Self Serve

By accurately identifying customer intent such as how to void bets, check for credit (free bets), or recover lost passwords, common queries were effectively contained within self-service. This not only drove self-service adoption and usage, but it also fueled customer satisfaction.

In addition to U-Self Serve’s metrics measuring customer engagement with the virtual agent, U-Analyze provided key insights into agent performance. This gave the company a holistic view into the customer service journey to better understand customer needs and identify any areas for improvement.


Expand initial rollout and explore other areas for personalization

With the successful rollout of U-Analyze and U-Self Serve solutions, the company plans to expand its CX-driven investment with U-Assist, Uniphore’s real-time agent guidance solution.

Currently, 80% of average revenue per player (ARP) is generated by only 20% of MUP. The addition of U-Assist will provide agents with step by-step guidance to drive upselling and cross selling opportunities, such as personalized offers to top performing MUPs (i.e. “high rollers”).

With next best actions, in-call alerts, and contextual recommendations from Uniphore’s knowledge AI, agents will have the tools and information they need to resolve customer issues quickly and effectively. For both the agent and customer experience, this will be a win-win.

For the casino and hotel group, the addition of real time agent guidance along with AI-driven self service and conversational intelligence, will provide hyper-personalized support at every touchpoint in the customer service journey, for a differentiated player experience that truly fosters growth and loyalty.

“We were blown away by Uniphore’s advanced AI technology, which has allowed us to free up agent time and scale customer service. This gives our live agents the chance to focus on higher-touch interactions. With Uniphore, we estimate we’ll deflect 20% to 30% of calls to the contact center, making it easy to justify the investment.”


  • One of the largest casino and hotel companies in the U.S.
  • More than 50 world-class resorts with diversified gaming and entertainment amenities


Conversational self-service for differentiated CX


  • Deliver next-level CX to support latest sportsbook platform
  • Foster loyalty and reduce churn through strong customer experience
  • Scale customer service to meet seasonal fluctuations


U-Self Serve
Conversational self-service through intelligent virtual agents (IVA) for responsive, 24/7 customer support

Conversational analytics for insights into customer experience and engagement


Uniphore’s conversational AI and automation platform provides real-time guidance and actionable insights for customer-centric organizations. By combining conversational AI, knowledge AI, and emotion AI, Uniphore optimizes every conversation to deliver exceptional CX.

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