Mar 06, 2019  |  Posted by: 

  New solution enables those in customer-facing roles to derive actionable insights via innovative conversational AI-based analytics features   Palo Alto, March 05, 2019: Uniphore, the global Conversational AI technology company, today announced the launch of auMina QSense™, a smart quality management tool for business analysts, quality analysts, and contact center agents that helps transform their current performance manageme...  
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Mar 05, 2019  |  Posted by: 

Conversational AI and analytics are emerging as pivotal technologies to drive holistic people management, performance enhancement, and process optimization programs. Deloitte’s “2018 Global Human Capital Trends” survey found that 72% of C-level executives had immense faith in the potential of AI to improve productivity and performance, but only 31% had the confidence of deploying it effectively to improve workforce optimization and performance management. Many st...  
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Feb 19, 2019  |  Posted by: 

The Conversational Analytics market in the US is seeing a paradigm shift. The market has evolved from basic reporting of parameters and dashboards to churning contextual and cognitive business insights leading to better customer service, customer engagement journey and experiences. Conversational intelligence will go beyond near-human interactions to human-like engagement. From bringing smart conversions, to improved customer service, to seamless customer engagement journey and d...  
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Feb 07, 2019  |  Posted by: 

Goa,1st February 2019: Aegis Graham Bell Award 2019 announced Uniphore as winner in “Innovation in Data Science” category for their innovation “auMina”. Uniphore has been lauded as the winner at the 9th edition of Aegis Graham Bell Award 2019 hosted by Government of Goa at Entertainment Society of Goa, Panaji. Aegis Graham Bell Awards (AGBA) has been promoting innovations and entrepreneurship in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) do...  
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Dec 24, 2018  |  Posted by: 

We recently partnered with one of the leading insurance companies, PNB MetLife, in building ‘KhUshi’ – India’s first customer service app for Insurance powered with AI and speech recognition capabilities.  The power of customer ‘voice’ is the next frontier in customer engagement for the banking and insurance industry and akeiraTM by Uniphore is emerging as the platform-of-choice for conversational assistant apps like Khushi.
Dec 16, 2018  |  Posted by: 

Customer conversations are a treasure trove of information. Such conversations, in what is stated and implied, provide great insight to customers’ satisfaction, their loyalty, or their likelihood to recommend your company and your products. At a time when this digital generation has very high expectations for customer service, it may seem trite to say that companies need to pay attention to what their customers are telling them. But it is more true now than ever.
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Dec 14, 2018  |  Posted by: 

At the recently held Conversational Commerce Conference (C3) in San Francisco hosted by our research partner Opus Research, I had the pleasure of being a featured keynote speaker on Voice, Big Data and Conversational AI along with John Chambers, Chairman Emeritus, Cisco and CEO, JC2 Ventures. John is not only an investor in Uniphore but also as our advisor, mentor and business partner, he is our Chief Guru. We had an engaging audience and a great conversation on how Conversatio...  
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Dec 13, 2018  |  Posted by: 

Conversational AI is expected to transform the customer service engagement journey. Whether it is in operations or deep analytics, Conversational AI is poised to be both an enabler and disruptor of how customer service is delivered. Conversational Assistant is becoming more human-like in engaging in intelligent dialogue with customers. Conversational Analytics is enabling organizations to know their customer better. With advances in conversational analytics enabling companies t...  
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