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  • BlogMay 21, 20245 min read

    The Cloud-Based Contact Center Era is Here

    The digital transformation has given way to the AI transformation, and soon every company will be an AI company. A recent survey by Menlo Ventures predicts enterprise investment in AI to reach $70 billion in 2024, with $2.5 billion allotted for...

  • BlogMay 21, 20244 min read

    Meet Tanner Sorensen, Senior AI Scientist

    What connects the brilliant minds that shape the future of AI at Uniphore? A thirst to learn more—no matter where their journey takes...

  • BlogMay 3, 202413 min read

    The Role of AI Science in a World of Democratized AI

    Today, pretty much anyone with basic computer skills can build compelling demos using tools like ChatGPT and Whisper, without having to understand neither the intricacies of speech, images and natural language, nor sophisticated ML...

  • BlogMar 26, 20245 min read

    Generative AI for Enterprises

    As generative AI moves from hype phase toward maturity, more enterprises are actively integrating Large Language Models (LLMs) and multimodal models into their products and realizing the challenges involved in the...

  • BlogMar 22, 20248 min read

    The Future of AI for Contact Centers

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has long been surrounded by conjecture about what the technology could become in the future. And, while nobody truly knows what contact center AI will look like in 10 years, let alone 100, recent innovations are...

  • BlogMar 21, 20243 min read

    2024 AI Survey Reveals The “One Thing” Every Company Must Do Right Now

    Today, the AI conversation has moved from “What is AI?” to “How to AI?” It’s a question more businesses are asking with an increasing sense of urgency. Business leaders don’t just want to know how AI can drive better...