We selected [Uniphore] due to the time-to-market advantages of their software and approach, and their expertise and success in simplifying and automating customer service processes. [Uniphore] provides a flexible, adaptable and scalable solution that is very compatible with our existing infrastructure and strategic direction. The ability to implement the solution quickly, without modifying our existing systems or infrastructure, was key in our decision to go with [Uniphore].

Srinivas Koushik, Chief Information Officer

About the Client

Among the Fortune 100 companies, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company is a large United States insurance and financial services provider based in Columbus, Ohio. The company operates regional headquarters across the country. With approximately 34,000 employees, Nationwide is also currently ranked among Fortune’s “100 Best Companies for Work For.” Nationwide is committed to improving the employee experience by eliminating complexity and simplifying processes wherever possible. Together with Jacada, Nationwide can deliver upon this commitment.

Our Approach

Simplify the employee experience to increase productivity across Nationwide’s sales, service, underwriting and processing centers, by offering each group of employees a role-based unified desktop that brought together tools pertinent to their respective jobs. Time-consuming employee tasks related to select customer inquiries such as billing analysis, address changes, and insurance quote lookup were automated using robotic desktop automation. Attended robotic process automation (Attended RPA) bots were also used to proactively surface relevant knowledge articles and to auto-document key actions taken by the employee to reduce errors and after call work.


  • Nationwide was able to automate 72% of manual tasks that was previously the customer service representative’s responsibility
  • Average Handle Time (AHT) reduced by 20% due to the elimination of manual data entry and automated processes
  • Training time for new customer service representatives reduced by 40% going from a month on average to just 2 weeks

What's Next

Nationwide Insurance will continue their commitment to innovate and invest in the employee and customer experience. They will continue to simplify and automate customer service processes, which will help reduce operational costs and provide better and timelier access to the data needed to drive more profitable interactions and superior customer service.

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