DuploCloud Scales Sales and Slashes Onboarding Time

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DuploCloud is a software company that provides a no-code/low-code DevOps automation suite. Founded in 2016 by Venkat Thiruvengadam, an early engineer at Microsoft Azure, DuploCloud enables startups and SMBs to build and expand their product offerings.

The Challenge

For years, DuploCloud’s Founder and CEO, Venkat Thiruvengadam, rewatched sales calls in Zoom in order to coach his account executives. But as the business grew, so did the volume of sales calls. Thiruvengadam and his VP of Sales couldn’t keep up.

“Each meeting is one hour,” Thiruvengadam said. “You get to a point when you can’t go through old meetings. You can’t even go through transcripts once you’re having 10 meetings a day.”

Searching Zoom to find the right recordings was a time suck and a security issue. Thiruvengadam worried: “Is this a board meeting I’m giving them?”

There was a second issue, too: the post-sale handoff from AE to engineering was manual and time-consuming. DuploCloud needed a more efficient way to pass on information after the

The Solution

DuploCloud’s growing frustration led them to explore Q For Sales as a solution to scale sales
coaching and improve the handoff process from sales to engineering.

Q allowed DuploCloud’s leadership to:

  • Surface any call in seconds—no manual search party required. From the Meetings Tab, all
    past meetings are organized by date, account, status and rep name.
  • View meeting engagement and sentiment at a glance—for quick prioritization. Color coding
    highlights the meetings that went best and the meetings that went worst.
  • Surface key moments within a meeting that influence engagement and sentiment.  No more watching hours of tape to get important insights.
  • Measure seller EQ (emotional intelligence) in seconds to enable better coaching. Viewing
    AE statistics, like talk ratio, talk speed, empathy, politeness and hesitation, are easy to access—and make coaching sessions more actionable.

As a bonus, Thiruvengadam realized that Q was like a magic pill that sped up onboarding time.

“In our small org, we don’t have much formal documentation,” he says. “So we give them the
Q login, and Q gives them data.”

The Results

What began as a “hey, we’ll try this out” is now an essential part of DuploCloud’s tech stack.

“Q For Sales isn’t a nice-to-have solution,” Thiruvengadam says. “People need to have this. I mean, we survived without Q for the longest time, but that’s true for so many other things. We never had an iPhone before, but now it’s indispensable!”

Key benefits of DuploCloud’s Q for Sales deployment included:

  • Q’s Key Moments feature allowed the DuploCloud team to review lengthy meetings within minutes, significantly saving them time.
  • Q enabled users to share call recordings instantly with anyone, significantly speeding up the post-sale handoff between AEs and engineering.
  • Q has helped new salespeople get up to speed faster, cutting the time it takes to get new AEs to become productive in half.

Looking ahead, Thiruvengadam is eager to apply Q For Sales to his customer support team. “The power can be repurposed for many different use cases,” he says.


  • The industry’s leading DevOps automation and compliance platform
  • Founded by the original engineers of Microsoft Azure and AWS
  • Supported by 51-200 employees
  • Headquartered in San Jose, CA


Sales Coaching, Sales Enablement and Sales Onboarding


  • Scale sales
  • Accelerate onboarding of new hires
  • Streamline sales collaboration across customer-facing team
  • Measure seller EQ and improve coaching


Q for Sales

  • Real-time meeting insights
  • In-depth deal insights
  • Team EQ improvement

Why Q for Sales?

Uniphore’s AI-powered sales assistant provides real-time, data-driven insights into buyer engagement, sentiment and emotion as well as seller performance.