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Utilizing Advanced AI Capabilities

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In the IDC vendor profile, Uniphore1 , IDC analyst Hayley Sutherland analyzes Uniphore’s complete product suite, highlights Uniphore as a significant player in the conversational AI market, and “analyzes the company’s unique approach to conversational AI and automation, as well as its strategy of regular innovations and acquisitions, which have expanded its coverage of the customer journey.”

According to the report, Uniphore “offers a unique approach to conversational AI that leverages complementary technologies across knowledge AI, generative AI, emotion AI, and workflow automation to encompass an ever-expanding customer journey, including sales.” We believe this unique approach enables enterprise organizations looking to take advantage of advanced AI capabilities at scale to do so successfully.

Download the full report today, courtesy of Uniphore to read more about what makes us a significant player in the market!

1 Uniphore (doc #US51813923, January 2024), Hayley Sutherland, IDC

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