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Conversational Security / 13.03.2018

5 Min Read

Why Voice Biometrics is the Future of Information Security in Banking

The digital world is going through drastic changes with each technology being either replaced or evo...

Conversational Assistant / 26.02.2018

5 Min Read

Latest Trends/News in Technology across BFSI 

Banking industry has come a long way. Today, it is focusing on technology-intensive solutions to imp...

Conversational Assistant / 22.02.2018

5 Min Read

What Are the Benefits of Voice-Based Virtual Assistants for BFSI?

The digital voice-enabled assistant may not be an alien term for you after all these talks about Dat...

Conversational Assistant / 15.02.2018

5 Min Read

How Has Technology Begun to Permeate the Banking Sector?

What we see today as a booming industry that is totally focused on technological advancements starte...

Conversational Analytics / 31.01.2018

5 Min Read

Factors Leading to Increased Adoption of Speech Analytics

Speech Recognition technology sounds attractive as it is a step forward to automated voice processes...

Conversational Analytics / 23.01.2018

5 Min Read

How to Optimize Your Speech Analytics Operations

Speech Analytics cuts the costs and complexities of determining implications revealed from customer ...

Conversational Analytics / 17.01.2018

5 Min Read

5 Industries that Can Benefit from Speech Analytics in a Big Way

Automation of data capture and analysis reduces operational complexity, and thus improves margins. N...

News / 16.01.2018

5 Min Read

Umesh Sachdev Spreads the Power of ‘Speech’ at TED Talks India

The show brings to the forefront people from various backgrounds who are making immense impact in Te...