Conversational Automation is Now – Are You Ready?

Conversational Automation is Now – Are You Ready?

As consumers today, we are experiencing AI and automation more than we realize. Consider these scenarios: you just made a dinner reservation, you paid your utility bills, you transferred money to a friend. Chances are you did not even bat an eyelid while accomplishing these tasks. Though, all these seemingly banal tasks would not have been possible without AI and automation. Enter Conversational Automation, an emerging category of AI solutions taking customer service to the next level. Like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos once famously said, “The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works.” The best customer experience strategies are invisible!

Customers are getting more demanding today is an understatement. Did you know – resolving customer issues before they arise helps reduce e-commerce cart abandonment rates significantly? In a 5 mins customer call, only 1 min 30 secs are spent talking to the customer while the rest is devoted to searching for information? Nuggets like these prove that the $470 Billion customer service market is ripe for disruption and the time for that is now!

Anticipate customer needs

Intelligent automation can deliver a hitherto unheard level of customer responsiveness. AI-based virtual assistants can predict what the customers are looking for just by monitoring their interaction with various brand touchpoints. Real-time customer support through natural language understanding means machines are even able to resolve complex customer queries today. Smart machines can resolve any impediments to a smooth customer experience before it inconveniences the customers. Thus, it lowers customer complaints and improves customer satisfaction scores. Anticipating customer needs before they even arise is the surest way of delighting customers and exceeding their expectations.

On-demand customer service

Today consumers want everything on-demand. Customer service is no exception. It might be humanly impossible to service customers around the clock, seven days a week. But with Conversational Service Automation, all you have to do is train the digital agents only once, and they can deliver excellent customer service. Even for queries that explicitly need the human touch, it is possible to operate a contact center with a skeleton crew thanks to AI and automation working in the background and doing all mundane and repetitive tasks allowing the humans to do the most productive work.

Built for the WFH setup

2020 changed everything about how we work. Remote working is the norm today. Built for the centralized way of working, contact centers found it hard to adapt to this new distributed model of work. Conversational Service Automation makes it extremely easy to set up your contact center on the fly allowing your agents and supervisors to log in remotely yet deliver an excellent customer service experience. Conversational automation and analytics ensure that agents’ capabilities are augmented, and the supervisors can remotely monitor and assist agents at any time.

Scale without the downsides

In a traditional contact center where humans do the heavy lifting, it is incredibly cumbersome to scale at short notice. But with the power of AI and automation, going from attending to 1,000 calls a day to 10,000 calls a day is easier than you think. With the right combination of man and machine, it is possible to categorize the calls, anticipate customer needs, automate mundane tasks, and ensure humans only attend to a fraction of the calls that machines cannot. It saves a lot of money and time. Your business can also cope with a sudden surge in business and ensures customers are satisfied even if they come in droves. That is excellent news to super ambitious brands that want to scale rapidly and service customers without being hobbled by the downside that comes with such blitzkrieg growth.

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