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Conversational Analytics / 24.02.2020

5 Min Read

Conversational Service Automation in the BPO Industry

All research points to the irrefutable fact - customer experience shall overtake price and product a...

Enterprise Connect 2020 / 18.02.2020

5 Min Read

Reimagining Contact Centers from 'Cost Center' to 'Value Center'

John Smith, the Chief Customer Officer of a US financial enterprise is in a tight spot. His company...

Conversational Analytics / 18.02.2020

5 Min Read

How Conversational Service Automation Can Benefit Contact Centers

Conversational Service Automation is an emerging category of solutions that leverages the power of A...

Leadership Conversation / 17.02.2020

5 Min Read

Deliver Better Customer Service with Front Office Automation for Contact Centers

Have you ever imagined how great it would be if the Customer Care agent from your bank sets the tone...

Company News / 29.01.2020

5 Min Read

akeira 2.0 says – How May AI Help You?

As we sprint into 2020, we’re proud to be bringing Uniphore’s akeira 2.0, the intelligent conver...

Leadership Conversation / 17.12.2019

5 Min Read

FOCUS: Building a Successful Global Company

Recently, I had the honor of speaking at Entrepreneur Live’s first Indian edition in Bangalore and...

Conversational Analytics / 25.11.2019

5 Min Read

Conversational Service Automation in the Banking Industry

Just recently, I inadvertently realized that having a savings bank account with one of the biggest b...

Conversational Analytics / 16.10.2019

5 Min Read

Key Takeaways from 2019 Global Survey of Speech Analytics

The fourth edition of our Global Survey of Speech Analytics and Conversational Service Automation - ...