"Uniphore’s intelligent self-service solution combines AI and NLU technologies to provide automated conversational services. Its advanced dialog management capabilities, library of pre-built intents, robust analytics platform, and flexible hosting options position it well for success in the future as the adoption of IVA solution accelerates."

Skand Bhargava, Practice Director

Everest group logo on a green background featuring visual IVR technology.

About the Client

Our client is a leading international financial services group that provides financial advice, insurance, as well as wealth and asset management solutions for individuals, groups and institutions.Our client has resolved to put customers first and exceed customer expectations through innovation and digitization of customer interactions.

We partnered with our client’s group benefits business unit to boost digital engagement for customers who approached the contact center in an effort to reduce customer effort, and the cost of the overall interaction as well.

Our Approach

Today, customers leverage digital customer service for simple inquiries and prefer to call when they have more complex requests. As customers can easily get confused about the coverage and benefits their entitled to, it’s quite common for insurance policy holders to call in with questions. Since these questions cannot be easily addressed in the IVR, regardless of the questions themselves, the contact center gets flooded with these types of calls.

We recommended that our client introduce a visual IVR to callers who have questions about their plan, help them understand the value of engaging digitally, and guide them to the right digital experience right away.

Integrating with our client’s policy systems, as well as their voice and chat platforms, the visual IVR delivers a guided omnichannel experience that connects disparate channels and systems in real-time.


  • Complex use cases that are not suitable for voice are now addressed with greatly improved accuracy in self-service.
  • Our client started out with a 7% increase in self-service rate and how now been able to increase it to 68% using our best practices around visual IVR offer management and customer experience design.
  • Average handle time (AHT) for inbound callers is noticeably reduced due to context carryover.
  • Customer effort, measured in time taken to complete the interaction, has dropped by more than 50%.

What's Next

We’re glad our client was able to adapt swiftly during the onset of the pandemic, by rapidly making changes to the customer experience using Uniphore’s low code design and automation platform.

They continue to monitor the performance of the overall system in terms of self-service containment as well as customer effort scores to drive continuous improvement.

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