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Conversational Analytics / 30.07.2018

5 Min Read

Top 5 ways a POC Helps Companies Understand Conversational Analytics

Stakeholders are often compelled to scrutinize a new tech initiative from all possible angles. Initi...

Conversational Analytics / 19.07.2018

5 Min Read

Planning to sign up for Speech Analytics? Here is our Checklist for Selecting the Right Vendor

Often, organizations select the right technology but end up selecting the wrong vendor resulting in ...

Conversational Analytics / 17.07.2018

5 Min Read

Factors to Consider Before Signing up for Speech Analytics

A well-known bank realized that over the last six months, the number of consumer complaints has move...

Conversational Analytics / 27.06.2018

5 Min Read

Top 5 Problems Faced by Contact Centers & BPOs

Contact Centers of today face multiple challenges which disrupt their operations, making them less e...

Conversational Analytics / 25.06.2018

5 Min Read

Top 5 ways Speech Analytics Helps in Standardization of Processes in Contact Centers

Alex, a contact center executive with a Life insurance company, handles a customer call and commits ...

Conversational Analytics / 07.06.2018

5 Min Read

Enhance the competitiveness and competencies of your CX teams through Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics is a critical component of the contact center business because of its ability to id...

Conversational Analytics / 28.05.2018

5 Min Read

Technology Trends That Will Reshape Insurance Industry in 2018

The insurance industry has been rapidly evolving, thanks to the connected technologies that have bee...

Conversational Analytics / 16.05.2018

5 Min Read

Top 5 Ways Speech Analytics Is Helping Insurance Companies Offer Better Customer Service

The products and services offered by different companies across the insurance sector are almost iden...