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Conversational Analytics / 01.02.2017

Top 5 reasons why global contact centers are increasingly deploying Speech Analytics

Despite the instant access to information and increasing usage of social media platforms, human dial...

Conversational Analytics / 27.01.2017

Benefits of Speech Recognition Technology – Industry Wise

As a formidable form of communication, the need for harnessing Speech has gained huge traction over ...

Conversational Analytics / 20.01.2017

Speech Recognition Tech Helps Retain Customers & Increase Brand Loyalty – Learn How

The importance of “listening” to the customer is critical for any organization. The feedback pro...

Conversational Analytics / 18.01.2017

The Growing Relevance, Demand, and Benefits of Speech Recognition Technology

Technology continues to advance at lightning speed, contributing immensely to social and economic we...

Conversational Analytics / 04.01.2017

6 Best Practices for Speech Analytics Success

Contact center operations are not only expensive but also fraught with compliance risk that can nega...

Company News / 29.12.2016

Uniphore brings executive leadership focus to APAC market

Ravi Saraogi, Co-founder elevated as the President, APAC region Sanjeev Gadre takes over the COO ro...

Conversational Analytics / 22.12.2016

5 Min Read

Are You Listening to The ‘True Voice’ of Your Customer?

Understanding the intent and emotion hidden in customer conversations is a challenge.  For example,...

Conversational Analytics / 20.12.2016

5 Min Read

Data Analytics vs Market Research – Comparison

The dominance of Data Analytics and Market Research for business use is indisputable. Trusted by tho...