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News / 16.11.2017

5 Min Read

57% Companies in India Expect Speech Analytics to Increase Sales and Collections

50% of companies cite “Discovering the root cause of customer experience failures” as the reason...

Conversational Analytics / 30.10.2017

5 Min Read

How Will Customer Service Look Like 5 Years Down the Line: 5 Futuristic Trends

Delivering customer service at the lowest possible cost for years can give the necessary edge to a c...

Conversational Analytics / 25.10.2017

5 Min Read

How Speech Recognition Technologies Can Help Your Brand to be Digitally Omnipresent

Technology in contact centers evolves based on two primary factors: what enables a more seamless cus...

News / 19.10.2017

5 Min Read

Uniphore at the 13th Regional Contact Centre Symposium 2017 - Singapore

The 13th edition of the Regional Contact Centre Symposium was held at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront...

Conversational Analytics / 18.10.2017

5 Min Read

5 Disruptive Technologies Changing the Face of Contact Centers Worldwide

A contact center is a powerful source of knowledge on what customers need, feel, and how they relate...

Conversational Security / 28.09.2017

5 Min Read

Why Tackling Online Fraud is Important for Contact Centre Operations Today

For all its positive attributes as a game changer in the digital world, technology also has a dark u...

Conversational Security / 26.09.2017

5 Min Read

6 ways auMina and amVoice can help your organization combat online fraud

To brace against online fraud involving call center operations, enterprises are ensuring their call ...

Conversational Security / 13.09.2017

5 Min Read

Latest Trends and News: Online Fraud Prevention

Online frauds not only impact enterprises and governments but also increase the risk quotient for th...