What is Real-Time Agent Assist?

Real-time agent assist is software that assist contact center agents during live conversations with callers. Today’s advanced agent assist solutions use artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize a variety of contact center processes and augment call staff capabilities. The technology provides AI-powered assistance to customer service agents, using tools and technologies like machine learning and natural language processing to make live prompts and suggestions. AI agent assist software also helps businesses train and onboard call center agents for hybrid workforce situations.

As a result, agents can provide more accurate responses and deal with issues more quickly. Real-time agent assist, also known as virtual agent support, enables contact centers to enhance customer service, boost productivity levels and agent performance and improve user experience.

Key features of real-time agent assist 

Real-time agent assist helps contact centers transform the experience and service they offer to their customers. The AI technology also enables agents to become more productive and handle queries more quickly. Features that allow this transformation include: 

Benefits of real-time agent assist

The benefits of virtual agent support are wide-ranging, from improving the user experience and solving issues as quickly as possible to making agents more productive. Real-time agent assist is especially crucial to helping customer service teams deliver on-brand experiences, with benefits including:

Steps to implement real-time agent assist

Implementing real-time agent assist is a multistep process. Contact centers should carefully research their options and ensure they have the basics in place for the technology to succeed. They must also decide whether to build their own solution or implement third-party tools

Identify needs and objectives

Before implementing real-time agent assist, it’s vital to outline your contact center's needs and the objectives you want the technology to help you achieve. Defining the goals and objectives enables you to accurately monitor the technology’s effect and optimize it for future improvement. Sufficient planning will also help agents understand how the technology will work and why it’s being introduced before use.

Choose the right technology

It’s also essential to assess the real-time agent assist technology market to identify the solution that best aligns with your needs and objectives. Begin this process by evaluating the problem(s) your contact center faces, then research, test and compare to select the most appropriate solution. It’s also important to assess whether the solutions you test are compatible with your existing technology stack.

Customization and training

Your real-time agent assist solution will only achieve the goals and objectives you set if your agents understand how it works. Prior to implementing the technology across your contact center, schedule training sessions and regular follow-up best practice reminders. Also, use agent feedback to customize the technology and address any concerns they may have.

Deployment and monitoring

Deploying effective real-time agent assist doesn’t stop when you roll the technology out across the contact center. Monitor data to assess opportunities to optimize technology use, encourage agents to share feedback and suggestions, and listen to customer insight on agent interaction.

Challenges to implementing real-time agent assist 

Some contact centers can experience challenges with real-time agent assist, typically because it’s incompatible with existing solutions or due to poor implementation. Common challenges to consider include: 

Encourage adoption of real-time agent assist solutions

Real-time agent assist solutions are crucial to helping contact centers improve customer interactions. The technology provides real-time insight into customer conversations, enabling agents to resolve a customer challenge immediately and eliminate tedious after-call work.

Uniphore’s real-time agent assist software, U-Assist, removes the guesswork from call flow processes by issuing in-call alerts and actions to guide agents through every customer interaction. It ensures your customer service teams deliver a consistent customer experience and have the data they need to provide fast, accurate answers to the most complex customer challenges. 

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