After Call Work (ACW)

After Call Work (ACW) begins in the moments after a call concludes. These are the steps an agent takes when they hear the dial tone that wraps up and processes the call. In order to be ready for another call, an agent must complete any ACW.

The tasks associated with after call work may vary depending on company protocols and desires. However, there are a few common ACW duties that agents often complete after the call ends. These can include:

  • Logging information, from the reason for contact to the outcome
  • Scheduling any follow-up contacts or actions
  • Analyzing call data
  • Sharing information with coworkers and/or other departments

After call work ties up a conversation’s loose ends. When calls aren’t cemented into a system that recognizes their importance, valuable customer information is lost. That’s why ACW ensures all valuable data is recorded for Interaction Analytics and other analysis purposes.

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