Focus on Agent Coaching for Contact Success | Uniphore

Focus on Agent Coaching for Contact Success | Uniphore

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Coaching contact center agents is a big priority for businesses, since the brand reputation and customer service hinge on these front line reps, regardless of the organization. But manual coaching can be time-consuming, is labor-intensive, is backbreaking and most importantly might not be precise and effective. So, what is the solution?

Today we have vast amounts of data that is readily available for evaluation, analytical tools that can crunch numbers at lightning speed and what not. But to get all these things working together and provide the answers that businesses are so eagerly awaiting is the Achilles’ heel. This is where the Uniphore’s AI-powered Conversational Service Automation can help your brand in a big way.

With the right use of Artificial Intelligence solutions and automation tools, it is possible to pinpoint exactly where the agent needs training and provide him the right coaching so that he is up and running in the least possible time. This can make a significant impact in today’s world where we are in the middle of a global pandemic and contact center agents the world over are stretched to the limits. The least we can do is train them the right way, so there are more instances of first call resolution, lower average call handle time and higher customer satisfaction rates.

Uniphore AI-based agent coaching can help

Uniphore’s solution offers a wide range of features that drive on-the-job coaching, smart sampling of calls, 360-degree workflow visibility and effective feedback logging and tracking mechanisms. Thanks to this AI-based coaching solution, it is possible to offer customized training to each individual contact center agent, so they can perform to the best of their capabilities. On the job training and coaching is instrumental in productivity upticks, and this is made possible with our AI-driven analytics.

Advantages of call center coaching solution:

  • Agent self-evaluation tool
  • Holistic view of agent performances
  • Visible audit trail
  • Key-phrase highlights
  • Automated feedback and tracking

 Agent self-evaluation tool – Agents can avail authorized access to assessment sheets, feedback logs and performance tracking mechanisms. This ensures that the agent is always aware of compliance and quality requirements. It drives quick feedback, reviews and continuous self-improvement. Thus, fast-track quality management can lead to higher agent efficiencies.

Holistic view of agent performances – Interactive dashboards display all the records on call analysis, agent performance, customer insights and call audits based on the chosen filter criteria. It provides a single window display of all gradients of agent performance and insights about call quality, customer behavior and communication analysis. All this ensures businesses can adhere to quicker timelines for training and coaching.

Visible audit trail – Detailed audit logs keep track of all user related activities like adherence to documented protocols, timelines of entry and exit and auditing pathways. The audit logs are useful in red flagging potential security breaches and internal privacy violations.

Key-phrase highlights – Quality Analysts can easily identify the key-phrase used during the conversations through the highlights in the transcript, even when the audio is on. This helps in understanding whether the agent has adhered to the compliance requirements during the call. Also, it is possible to offer Keyword clouds to agents to prep them during the call.

Automated feedback and tracking – Manual audit can be time-consuming, labor-intensive and subject to biases and human errors. Comprehensive automation enables a streamlined quality workflow with smart sampling, documentation, feedback logging and tracking system that always ensures the right agent coaching.

Learn more about how Uniphore’s ‘My Anywhere Contact Center’ with agent coaching solution can help you reach your customer service goals now!

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