Discover actionable insights to drive contact center performance.


Make real-time, data-driven decisions with conversational analytics powered by AI.

Unlock the power of your enterprise data with conversational analytics built from the ground up to use large language models. Uniphore U-Analyze uses generative AI to uncover trends, intents and insights from customer interactions, helping businesses better understand their customers, fine-tune contact center operations and create smoother, simpler customer experiences.

Analyze voice, text and video

Identify key moments and customer intent

Reduce compliance risk

U-Analyze at a Glance

Gain a comprehensive operational understanding of your contact center by analyzing 100% of interactions across voice, text and video. Visualize real-time and historical insights with fully customizable dashboards and reports. Apply flexible filtering, business rules and customization options for a 360-degree view of your contact center performance.

Harness data from across your organization to inform relevant and effective business decisions and enhance your customers’ experiences. Built on the Uniphore X-Platform, U-Analyze works seamlessly with U-Capture to leverage your unique enterprise data to power real-time and post-interaction analytics.

Analyze all interactions to boost agent performance, improve quality and ensure compliance. Equip your supervisors with detailed insights to evaluate performance against goals and peer benchmarks, and effectively provide actionable agent feedback to improve the customer experience

Enhance every aspect of your customer journey by analyzing customer and agent sentiment, conducting interaction driver analysis and applying actionable insights—all powered by AI. Continue your AI transformation with insights to help you fine-tune your generative AI use cases and automation workflows.

U-Analyze features powered by AI

Real-time, customizable dashboards

Gain immediate insights with real-time, customizable dashboards to stay on top of service levels, monitor agent performance and proactively address emerging issues.

Sentiment and tonal analysis

Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty by promptly identifying dissatisfied customers through sentiment analysis, frustration detection and topic analysis.

Intent mining and topic discovery

Analyze all customer interactions to uncover emerging topics and hidden opportunities using Gen AI to discover intent and topic patterns.

Automated and manual quality management

Accelerate and scale your quality management process using AI and conversational analytics. Leverage searchable call transcripts, customer sentiment analysis, and end-to-end automated interaction scoring.

Agent feedback

Efficiently evaluate agent interactions and provide the actionable feedback they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Key moment identification

Surface key conversation moments with Gen AI to empower your teams to take the next best action towards a better customer experience.

Navigating AI-powered conversational analytics

A guide to understanding and building the business case for conversational analytics powered by AI

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Uniphore transformed our quality and compliance efforts, saving our analysts’ time, enabling us to monitor every conversation with investors, and improving compliance scores. Better yet, we’re now able to gain actionable insights from the voice of the customer to help us improve the investor engagement and experience

Senior Vice President of business solutions and change management for a large international banking group​

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