Time is money.
And conversations are the new currency.

Get started on the fast path to success with Uniphore's pre-built solutions.

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When every conversation counts, it’s critical to deploy and scale quickly.

Optimized across millions of conversations, Uniphore’s pre-built solution packs help businesses realize faster time to value. Our tried and tested use cases come with pre-trained intents and pre-configured workflows for multiple industries, so you’re already on the path to success.

Improvement in self-service rate
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Reduction in Agent Onboarding Time
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Reduction in compliance auditing effort
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Realize the value of every conversation with pre-built solutions that span across business use cases and industries.


  • Revenue
  • Customer Service
  • Tech Support
  • Collections


  • Enrollment
  • Member Services
  • Care Management
  • Revenue Cycle


  • Shopping
  • Orders
  • Returns & Refunds
  • Loyalty & Rewards



  • Onboarding
  • Payment Assistance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Outage Management



  • Revenue
  • Account Management
  • Complaints
  • Collections

Travel & Hospitality

  • Reservations
  • Travel Disruptions
  • Virtual Hosts
  • Loyalty & Rewards

AI-Powered Solutions on One Complete Platform

Voice and Screen Capture

A non-invasive capture layer or full enterprise recording solution that provides ‘AI-Ready’ voice data for automation and analytics.

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Intelligent Virtual Agents

Boost customer engagement and effortless self-service with omnichannel virtual agents, multimodal CX and knowledge AI.

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Agent Assist

Guide contact center agents in real-time on best practices, regulatory compliance, and on revenue generating conversations.

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Conversational Analytics

Boost contact center agent performance, business and CX outcomes with AI powered conversational insights.

  • Revenue Generation
  • Account Management
  • Compliance
  • Collections
  • Complaints Management
  • Onboarding

IDC Profiles Uniphore’s Unique Approach to Enterprise-Scale AI

IDC Vendor Profile -Uniphore’s Unique Approach to Enterprise-Scale AI

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