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You now have a compliance expert on every call

It’s no secret: compliance is complex—and costly. Today, contact centers spend 25% of their revenue on average training agents, strengthening data security and manually auditing thousands of hours of call recordings. That’s a massive effort for humans—but not for AI. Uniphore’s AI solutions can analyze 100% of customer interactions, protect sensitive information and proactively guide contact center staff on best regulatory practices. It’s like having a compliance expert on every call.

$3B in financial noncompliance penalties.1

To date, HIPAA violators have also paid $142M2 in penalties.

25% of Business Revenue

is spent on compliance on average, with 18% of businesses spending upwards of 50%.3

58% of Security & IT

say they need larger compliance budgets to meet today’s tough regulatory requirements.4

Compliance capabilities built for every use case

Uniphore’s AI understands the nuances and intricacies of compliance, with deep knowledge of general and industry-specific regulatory requirements. Businesses that use the AI products on our industry-best X-Platform can ensure total compliance at every customer touchpoint with capabilities built for every compliance use case. Common applications include:

100% capture and monitoring

Even the best compliance teams can only monitor a fraction of the interactions call centers handle each day. With Uniphore’s enterprise call and screen recorder, U-Capture, businesses can capture and monitor 100% of customer interactions for compliance analysis, safely storing each conversation in a secure, easy-to-access AI-ready format that meets the toughest data storage requirements.

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Data redaction

Uniphore’s U-Analyze offers fully automated AI-driven data redaction at both audio and transcription level to ensure sensitive information is not stored. This ensures that sensitive data is never exposed or compromised—putting your customers at ease and cementing your business as a trustworthy brand.

PCI compliance

Uniphore’s AI enables full compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) across all customer channels. Using system management APIs, contact centers can embed complex compliance policies at key moments where payment information is shared and suppress sensitive information automatically or manually, depending on business need or preference.

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Industry-based compliance

Our compliance AI solutions can be fine-tuned to meet industry-specific regulatory requirements. We help many of today’s leading financial institutions, insurers, healthcare and legal service providers achieve total compliance with industry standards, including those set by HIPAA, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and others.  

Geo-targeted compliance

Our solutions allow contact centers to perform targeted compliance capture across multiple geographic locations worldwide. This enables organizations that conduct business internationally to easily meet the unique requirements of specific countries or regions. 

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Script Adherence

Our conversational analytics solution, U-Analyze, can scour customer conversations for compliance-related keywords and topics, flagging potential issues and “hot spots” in real time. These alerts can help contact center staff adhere to compliance best practices.

“Uniphore transformed our quality and compliance efforts, saving our analysts’ time, enabling us to monitor every conversation with investors, and improving compliance scores. Better yet, we’re now able to gain actionable insights from the voice of the customer to help us improve the investor engagement and experience”

Senior Vice President of business solutions and change management for a large international banking group​

Ensuring compliance across industries

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  4. Coalfire Compliance Report 2023

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