Drive revenue with proactive service.  

When unhappy customers leave, they take their wallets with them. Uniphore helps you improve satisfaction and conversions by analyzing and understanding your customers' actions, intent, emotions and sentiment.

Satisfied repeat customer happy with their purchase

Today’s contact centers are the primary hub for customer interactions and, in turn, a key driver of revenue for companies. With Uniphore’s conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, you can deliver exceptional customer experiences and personalized guidance that increases cross-selling and upselling success and drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

Streamline the buyer's journey with AI-driven conversational self-service. 

Increase in self-service rate from

7% -  0 %

The buyer’s journey often begins in self-service channels. Yet, current self-service offerings can be extremely frustrating for consumers to use, causing them to abandon their efforts altogether or start over in a new channel.

With Uniphore U-Self Serve, you can give your customers an intuitive, convenient experience using an AI-driven, multimodal intelligent virtual assistant (IVA). Uniphore U-Self Serve increases self-service completion rates and improves customer satisfaction. If an agent is needed, U-Self Serve automatically and seamlessly transfers the full context, reducing customer effort and improving conversion rates.

Almost immediately after the launch of Visual IVR on our national line, the number of calls reaching agents has reduced tangibly. It is obvious not only in the numbers but can actually be felt.

Product Owner
Telephony Services

Improve conversions with real-time agent assistance.

Average hold time has dropped by

0 %

With more purchases happening online, your contact center must be prepared to fulfill the role of trusted sales advisor, helping customers seamlessly choose the right offering and make purchases. Customer service is also an ideal touchpoint for proactively cross-selling and upselling products and services. Yet, overwhelmed, stressed agents are too busy juggling siloed systems, rapidly changing offers and manual tasks to be able to focus on the conversation and understand the customer’s needs.

With Uniphore’s real-time, in-call agent assistance, your agents get the guidance and coaching they need to effectively and proactively serve your customers. Uniphore U-Assist alerts agents in real time about products and services that would be most relevant for specific customers, improving conversions as well as customer satisfaction.

Our first deployed automation, a smart agent assistant for password management, has simplified a multi-step, highly manual process for our agents, enabling them to make calls more efficient and decrease call time. We continue to identify additional use cases and look forward to leveraging Uniphore’s expertise to further improve the member experience for our Owner credit unions.

Rini Fredette
Senior Vice President of Contact Centers

Improve agent productivity and free up agents for the next customer.

Reduce operational costs by millions of dollars per year.

Decline in call escalations by

0 %

The minutes your agents spend on tedious after-call work (ACW)  can have a serious impact on agent productivity, leaving them less time to help and cross-sell/upsell other customers.

With Uniphore U-Assist automatically handling ACW and capturing promises made to customers, your agents can be more productive, focus on the customer and be ready faster to take the next call.

Uniphore took time to understand our business, understand the problem we were trying to solve rather than simply sell us another technical application. That for me has been a huge part of the success of this project

Cheryl Black
Customer Service Director

Use actionable insights from 100% of conversations to improve sales.


0 %

call monitoring and identify gaps in the IT helpdesk process 

Traditional customer analytics are unable to uncover insights from the largest source of untapped data in your company: contact center conversations with customers. That’s because the tens of thousands of conversations happening each day are simply recordings of unstructured data, with no way to derive deeper context or insight.

Uniphore U-Analyze reveals relevant and actionable insights hidden within massive volumes of unstructured voice and text conversations in the contact center. AI-powered interaction analytics provide insight into trends and opportunities for improving sales effectiveness, increasing conversion rates and driving cross-selling and upselling revenue.

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When customers don’t feel heard or understood, all is lost.  If you could interpret their emotions and anticipate their needs in real time, you’d own the conversation.

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