CX without compromising EX or your bottom line.

Reduce costs while delivering better experiences for agents and customers. With Uniphore, you don’t have to choose between operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Customer connecting with agent using enterprise ready AI tools

Explore how Uniphore can help Improve Operational Efficiency as well as...

Your contact center needs a way to achieve its performance goals and drive significant operational efficiencies that doesn’t require you to sacrifice a great customer and agent experience. Optimizing the full conversation with Uniphore’s conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and automation is the answer. 

Reduce customer service costs with AI-driven conversational self-service.

Reduce customer effort by

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High call volumes and long wait times to get answers to simple questions frustrate customers and overwhelm agents. Yet, current self-service efforts often fall short of consumer expectations, forcing customers to start over in a new channel to seek resolution.

Uniphore’s AI-driven, multimodal intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) increases self-service rates and deflects transactional interactions from contact center agents — all while delivering an optimized customer experience, improving contact center efficiency and scalability. With Uniphore U-Self Serve, you can:

Uniphore is an important part of our overall vision to make it easier for customers to self-serve through their preferred channels. As PSE continues to invest and find ways to improve our customer experience, working with Uniphore to update our automated voice system allows us to offer a customized and innovative option.

Josh Jacobs
Director of Business Integration

Improve agent efficiency and reduce training time with real-time agent assistance.


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hours/mo. through automation

Meeting performance metrics is more difficult than ever for agents as they struggle to resolve complex issues, stay up to date on changing products and information, complete manual tasks and juggle siloed systems to find information.

With Uniphore’s real-time, in-call agent assistance, you can give your agents the guidance and coaching they need at the precise moment they need it — while they are helping a customer. Powered by conversational AI and automation, Uniphore U-Assist:

A visual drag and drop interface enables business analysts, senior agents, and product owners to quickly create, modify, test and deploy call flows or establish layouts, change roles, rules and privileges -- without the need for IT support.

SVP Customer Care, Priceline

Automate after-call work and promise management to improve AHT and reduce repeat calls.

Reduce After call work by

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The time your agents spend on manual after-call work (ACW) can significantly increase AHT, call waiting times and operational costs, while negatively impacting agent productivity. At the same time, when agents are too rushed or stressed by ACW tasks, accuracy can suffer and promised follow-ups may be missed, leading to customer disappointment and repeat calls, which affect FCR rates.

Uniphore U-Assist automatically handles ACW and promise management for your agents, including categorizing and summarizing the call, updating systems, and capturing follow-up actions. Because your agents no longer need to spend time on menial, repetitive tasks after the interaction, you improve AHT, call waiting times, customer satisfaction, agent productivity and agent satisfaction. With U-Assist, your contact center can: 

Get actionable insights to optimize conversations and cut compliance costs.

0 %

time saved for compliance staff conducting the audit

Traditional customer analytics are unable to uncover insights from the largest source of untapped data in your company: contact center conversations with customers. That’s because the tens of thousands of conversations happening each day are simply recordings of unstructured data, with no way to derive deeper context or insight. Until now, that is.

Uniphore U-Analyze reveals relevant and actionable insights hidden within massive volumes of unstructured voice and text conversations in the contact center. By turning this rich source of information into deep understanding, your company can:

Uniphore transformed our quality and compliance efforts, saving our analysts’ time, enabling us to monitor every conversation with investors, and improving compliance scores. Better yet, we’re now able to gain actionable insights from the voice of the customer to help us improve the investor engagement and experience.

Senior Vice President of business solutions and change management for a large international banking group

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