Prioritize EX for transformational results.

If you want to deliver a better customer experience, then you must create a better employee experience (EX). Because you can’t have happy customers without happy employees.

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Smart contact center leaders are transforming the agent experience with Uniphore’s conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. By systematically improving the experience of every agent throughout the customer journey, you can achieve strategic outcomes including lower attrition rates, higher agent satisfaction, improved agent productivity and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Deflect calls and reduce agent stress with AI-driven conversational self-service.

Improve self-service rates by

0 %

or more

0 %

reduction in calls made to the contact center

Consistently high call volumes and long wait times for frustrated customers create an overwhelming and stressful experience for your agents. Current self-service efforts often fall short, forcing customers to start over in a new channel and forcing agents to start from scratch to resolve the issue.

Deliver a better experience for everyone with Uniphore U-Self Serve, an AI-driven, multimodal intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) that increases self-service rates and deflects transactional interactions from contact center agents. If an inquiry needs to be escalated, built-in intelligent transfer provides full context to the live agent, reducing frustration for both agents and customers and accelerating resolution.

These are amazing numbers! This is a real game changer!

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UPS Authorized Service Contractor

Help agents become proficient faster and be more productive with real-time agent assistance.

Improve operational efficiency by

0 %

Reduce staff turnover by

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and improve morale

The contact center experience has never been more difficult for agents to navigate successfully. Today’s agents struggle to resolve increasingly complex issues, stay up to date on constantly shifting products and offers, complete manual tasks quickly without making errors, and juggle overflowing knowledgebases to find the right information quickly.

Reduce the stress and complexity for your agents with Uniphore U-Assist. It gives your agents the guidance and coaching they need at the precise moment they need it — while they are helping a customer. With U-Assist, your agents can resolve issues faster, demonstrate empathy, focus on the conversation and be more productive.

The introduction of the Uniphore unified desktop has met or exceeded all of our expectations and delivered on our target objectives. We will realise lifetime savings many times greater than the cost of the solution. Uniphore provides innovative technology and a proven implementation approach that can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a call centre operation.

Phil Bluck
Commercial Director for Capita TVL

Reduce manual after-call work and automatically track promises made.

Average of


seconds cut from repeat calls

0 %+

Call Summary Accuracy

The agent’s work doesn’t end when the interaction does. The minutes your agents spend on tedious manual after-call work (ACW) and promise management can have a serious impact on AHT and agent productivity. Rushed or stressed agents can make mistakes or forget promised follow-ups, leading to repeat calls and lower FCR rates.

Let Uniphore U-Assist automatically handle ACW and promise management for your agents, including categorizing and summarizing the call, updating systems, and taking follow-up actions. Because your agents no longer need to spend time on menial, repetitive tasks after the interaction, you improve agent productivity and agent satisfaction, along with AHT, call waiting times and customer satisfaction.

Uniphore is focused on enabling automation and optimization of processes across the customer service value chain. Its ability to use conversational AI to deliver an integrated customer service automation solution is one of its key strengths.

Amardeep Modi
Practice Director

Improve agent performance with data-driven guidance and coaching.

It’s not humanly possible to listen to and analyze every minute of every single customer conversation that happens in the contact center. Instead, providing feedback to agents on their performance is often based on reviewing a small subset of conversations that happened days or weeks in the past.

By monitoring and analyzing 100% of customer conversations, Uniphore U-Analyze harnesses valuable, conversational data for relevant and actionable insights into agent performance and behavior. U-Analyze provides personalized guidance based on actual behavior, strengths and weaknesses, giving agents the objective and accurate feedback they need to improve performance.

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