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Stop wondering why deals get stuck. Know what to say to keep prospects engaged to move deals forward. Meet Q for Sales, your AI-Powered Sales Assistant.

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Get A Read On Your Buyers

With Q Real-Time our Al surfaces the cues often missed when presenting over video. Reps get micro-coaching and unobtrusive prompts in real-time when presenting based on the sentiment and engagement levels of each participant in the meeting.

Available everywhere your team meets:


Capture What Matters Most

Q for Sales Meeting Insights surface the Key Moments automatically so your reps are spending time selling rather than reviewing calls. Q also helps streamline collaboration across account teams by quickly and safely sharing meeting clips and customer reactions with partners and peers.


Accelerate Winnable Deals

Track deal health based on buyer engagement and sentiment in relation to your sales methodology such as MEDDIC or MEDDPIC. Deal Insights provide understanding into the entire buying group, while guiding your reps on the right conversation topics for each stage of your sales process.


Micro-Coaching To Improve Acumen and EQ

Relevant coaching and insights are displayed at an individual and team level to help reps and leaders zero in on coachable moments, and soft skills that could use improvement.

Deep dive into the B2B landscape

Get valuable insights and trends from B2B buyers and sellers.

AI-powered insights to boost buyer engagement

Navigating a meeting while juggling demos and on-camera presence isn’t easy. Q for Sales tunes into words, tone of voice, and facial cues—in real-time—to decode your buyer’s feelings. Combine that with instant insights and deal analysis, and you’re equipped with top-tier Conversational Intelligence. Close deals smarter, not harder.


Forrester Study:
Conversation Intelligence Is Key To Unlocking Sales Productivity

Built on a Foundation of Trust

Conversations are your company’s greatest asset, and we believe that your data is your data. Each instance of Q for Sales is maintained separately and secured based on industry-leading standards, including SOC 2 Type II and GDPR compliance.

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