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Q for Sales guides revenue teams with AI-powered insights, offering clarity on how to effectively keep prospects engaged and deals moving forward.

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Elevate every sales conversation with a real-time co-pilot

Understand your buyer’s motivations through real-time analysis, craft stronger connections, and efficiently coach your team from the customer’s vantage point.

What makes Q for Sales different?

Our AI conversation intelligence software captures buyer sentiment, engagement, and key moments based on verbal and non-verbal behavioral signals. Leveraging Emotion AI and Generative AI for live meeting insights and precise post-meeting summaries, Q empowering sellers to engage effectively and advance deals with confidence.

Curious about which slide, or demo hits the mark with your buyer? Q for Sales expertly measures buyer reactions during virtual meetings, pinpointing the content that truly resonates. Get instant feedback, refine your presentations, and optimize through A/B testing. Q goes beyond mere topic recognition, decoding subtle buyer reactions to give you a competitive edge.

Get clarity on what is working and how well your sales methodology and sales process are being implemented across your entire revenue organization. Get insight into individual deals, teams, and sellers in regards to what is working, who needs coaching, and how the buying experience can be improved.

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Q for Sales insights and data
Q for Sales analytics and data

Get Inside the Minds of Your Buyers

Get our latest market research on B2B buyers and the emerging trends in virtual sales.

Unleash the power of Conversational Intelligence in every sales interaction

Real-time sales co-pilot

Guide sellers with real-time conversation intelligence insights across all major meeting platforms.

Meeting insights​

Capture key moments and analyze buyer sentiment and behavioral signals, instantly.

Deal insights

Decipher stakeholder emotions to accelerate deal progression.

Conversation analytics

Catch trends and decode buyer signals for sharper sales strategies.

Sales EQ

Enhance soft skills and boost team performance with targeted AI micro-coaching.


Drive collaboration across deals and ramp sales hires faster with AI-generated key moments and playlists.

“Q for Sales takes a 10-person sales organization and makes them an the equivalent of a 20-person sales organization. It has given me confidence that my sales team is providing the value to our customers that we would expect in a consultative selling process.”

Shawn Mills
President & Founder Lunavi

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Access Next-Gen Conversational Intelligence from anywhere

Expand Q’s reach with the X-Platform. Integrate with Salesforce Sales Cloud or Microsoft Dynamics 365 for comprehensive deal oversight. For Outreach users, delve into every conversation with our unmatched multi-modal AI. And with new compatibility for with Google Meet, alongside Teams, Webex, and Zoom, your real-time AI co-pilot is always on hand.


Emotional Intelligence in Sales

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