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We understand how important your data is to your enterprise and have taken steps to be your trusted partner. With Uniphore, our AI Platform gives you: 

Optimized Future Conversations

Trusted AI Models

Data Security

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The Uniphore Approach To LLMs: Generative AI with Guardrails

Of the challenges with current generative AI solutions, hallucinating false information and data security make them deal breakers for most enterprises. Uniphore recognizes this challenge and has developed proprietary generative AI with guardrails to improve accuracy and explainability and to maintain privacy with your data on our trusted platform.

With the X-Platform, your data is protected and fully managed with complete access controls. To ensure that enterprise data stays secure, we do not use any third- party generative AI services. You choose where and how to integrate your enterprise data with our generative AI for the most accurate results.  

Text, Chat & Email Channels

Contact Center



Radio, Trading, Desktop


Generative AI for the Enterprise

Learn how to unlock new capabilities and solve enterprise challenges.

One AI Platform to Solve All Your Most Pressing Enterprise Challenges 

Four-category scatter plot generated by AI technology, grouping feedback types into account management, product feedback, billing management, and complaints.

Intent and Topic Discovery

Generative Knowledge AI for the Most Relevant Content

Icons representing pdf documents, website development, data analytics, and a search bar enhanced with Generative AI technology.
U-Analyze pushing topics and intents to u-self serve and u-assist

Transform Self-Service and Agent Assist with Relevance

Drive Sales and Agent Guidance

A woman with a headset provides CX solutions on a computer screen.
Customer service representatives working at computers with headsets in an office setting, leveraging AI technology to highlight features such as conversation summarization, improved accuracy, and follow-up automation.

Improve Operational Efficiencies with Summarization