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The contact center is often the main human touchpoint for companies and their customers. Optimizing these conversations creates the kind of positive, empathetic experiences that drive customer satisfaction and differentiate your company from the rest. With Uniphore, you can be a CX leader, delivering seamless, automated experiences throughout the end-to-end customer journey.  

Empower customers to help themselves with AI-driven conversational self-service. 

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Customers want fast, easy answers to their questions without having to switch channels or wait on hold. Yet, many companies’ self-service offerings fall short because they don’t understand customers’ intent, nor their emotions and sentiment. Worse yet, they don’t provide context when transferring conversations to live agents, forcing customers to repeat information they just provided.

Deliver an intuitive, convenient customer experience with Uniphore U-Self Serve, an AI-driven, multimodal intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) that increases self-service rates and improves customer satisfaction. If an inquiry needs to be escalated, built-in intelligent transfer provides full context to the live agent, reducing customer effort and accelerating resolution.

Uniphore’s intelligent self-service solution combines AI and NLU technologies to provide automated conversational services. Its advanced dialog management capabilities, library of pre-built intents, robust analytics platform, and flexible hosting options position it well for success in the future as the adoption of IVA solution accelerates.

Skand Bhargava
Practice Director

Reduce friction and solve issues faster with real-time agent assistance.

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Long wait times, high customer effort and slow resolutions lead to customer dissatisfaction and higher churn. The agent experience is equally poor, with many manual, tedious tasks that prevent them from focusing on the customer conversation.

Uniphore U-Assist real-time agent assistance helps agents meet customer needs and expectations with empathy and understanding. With U-Assist providing guidance in real time, your agents can resolve issues faster, demonstrate empathy and focus on the conversation.

They took the time to understand our business, understand the problem we were trying to solve rather than simply sell us another technical application. That for me has been a huge part of the success of this project.

Senior Director of Customer Service at Leading Telecommunications Service Provider in Europe

Automatically track and manage promises made to customers.

Automated Promise Management

One of the most common reasons for customer dissatisfaction is the lack of a promised follow-up or action. Poor follow-through on the promises made (also known as commitments) by the agent during the call negatively impacts customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score.

Uniphore U-Assist automates the capture of every promise made to customers, enabling agents and supervisors to track and manage the completion of commitments. By ensuring customer promises are kept, you increase customer satisfaction with your brand while reducing repeat calls to the contact center.

With Uniphore, we achieved or over-achieved all of our targeted business benefits. Both our Average Handle Time and our Training and Agent Productivity improvements exceeded our expectations and are delivering significantly improved First Call Resolution and Customer Experience while delivering cost savings.

Allison Garretson
Senior Vice President of Operations & Customer Experience

Understand and take action on trends and behaviors impacting CX.

Actionable Analytics

It’s not humanly possible to listen to and analyze every minute of every single customer conversation that happens in the contact center — which means you’re not getting valuable insights from the true voice of the customer.

Uniphore U-Analyze automates interaction analytics on 100% of customer interactions including voice, email and chat for relevant and actionable insights into reasons for customer churn, repeat calls and other points of friction in the customer journey. 

NTT Data is utilizing the U-Analyze solution to gain process improvements in their service desk center. NTT Data drive critical business goals for their customers through analyzing existing speech data to improve agent scoring. NTT Data seeks improved performance of their service desk agents by automation of call auditing and quality monitoring in order to deliver a better customer experience.

Bhaskar M.R.
Quality Performance Manager

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