Enterprise Call and Screen Recording

Capture high-quality, AI-ready recording data from every interaction to understand the true voice of your customers.

Unleash the full potential of enterprise voice data

U-Capture is an enterprise recorder that captures high-quality voice and screen data from every conversation on every platform.  Fully open APIs give you the power to use AI-ready data across enterprise applications and enable complete compliance and data governance.

Access all structured and unstructured voice and screen data
Integrate AI-ready data across enterprise applications
Ensure regulatory compliance and data security
Easy to search, annotate, replay, lock, and export recordings.

Enhancing AI initiatives


of Senior IT Executives regard voice as very valuable to their organization


of businesses revenue on average is spent on compliance costs. 18% of businesses estimated that more then 50% of revenue is spent on compliance costs


of compliance teams said they are comfortable shifting to cloud-based compliance technology

Unleash the full potential of your voice and screen recordings

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U-Capture at a glance

Link agent PCs with agent devices, such as handsets, allowing screen, audio recording.  Screen-recorded calls can then be processed, searched, replayed, plus features to annotate, lock, export and delete recordings after the call.

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Improve automation and analytics by integrating real-time, high-quality structured and unstructured voice and screen data, including metadata and full transcriptions, with enterprise AI applications. Monitor and analyze real-time audio to support use cases, including training and coaching, fact verification, end-to-end customer journey, and more.

Reduce your cost of ownership and maintain total control of your recording data with unrestricted anytime access, built-in tools to assess quality and open APIs to integrate across the enterprise.

Easily build and update complex compliance policies with fully open system management APIs, automated and manual sensitive information suppression and automated quality assessment.

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U-Capture screenshots
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Enterprise AI Solutions Built for Today’s Evolving Compliance Landscape

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Revolutionize Your Business with 100% Access to Voice Data

AI-Ready Data

Access structured and unstructured voice and screen data, including metadata and full transcriptions real time.


Take advantage of open access to leading AI voice technologies through RESTful APIs

Data Governance

Gain unrestricted acces to all recording data and built-in tools to assess data quality

Cloud Storage

Enjoy containerized global storage with secure access to all data streams at any time.

Compliance Enablement

Embed complex compliance policies via system management APIs and automate the suppression of sensitive info.

No Rip and Replace

Overlay solution without impacting legacy current call recording provider at enterprises.


Unlock 100% of Your Enterprise Voice Data

With U-Capture, enterprises finally have total data sovereignty, with 100% open access and real-time audio streaming of high-quality conversational data.

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Are you ready to maximize your voice investments with AI-ready data?