Enhanced Capabilities for More Effective Selling.

Introducing the latest release of Q for Sales, your key to unlocking the power of real-time AI in sales. Q enables revenue teams to identify and act on the cues that make or break deals, offering instant assistance during crucial moments in sales meetings.

Built on the Uniphore X-Platform, Q leverages multiple AI micro-services and advanced AI capabilities to provide in-the-moment, highly contextual insights, and highly contextual insights, enhancing your buyer understanding at every level. As highlighted in the recent MIT Technology Review Insights Report, Q’s real-time Emotion AI capabilities allow you to “read the room” and apply “contextual literacy” to enterprise sellers in virtual and hybrid environments.

Learn how Q for Sales is helping DuploCloud understand their buyers and scale their sales team faster than ever:

Just like sports science transformed athletic development, Conversational Intelligence 2.0 is revolutionizing sales enablement, coaching and collaboration.

Here's what's new in Q:


Q fosters a team-selling approach with extended governance to include Meeting, Deal and Coaching collaboration and frictionless sharing capabilities.

  • Ensure that the right people can see, share and collaborate and coach across teams and deals.
  • Quickly and safely share meeting clips, and playlists, across email, Teams and Slack
A screenshot of a message from Tim Harris sharing a clip of the latest innovation with the prompt to review and watch it.


Our AI analyzes reactions in real-time, informing you of what resonates with your buyers—from the content being shared to the quality of the rep’s delivery and presentation style.

  • Identify and scale exactly “what good looks like” with A/B testing and content analysis to surface the most impactful content based on buyer reactions.


Elevate your presentations and keep your audience engaged with instant, AI-backed insights tailored to your buyer’s in-the-moment reactions.

  • Q provides Presentation Guidance with real-time notifications and advice, aiding you in meeting your buyers’ needs in the moment.
A screenshot of a virtual meeting with multiple participants and a highlighted 'low empathy moment' for coaching on communication skills, featuring the latest innovation release.


Harness the power of empathy. Improve your team’s awareness and ability to adapt to your buyers’ reactions.

  • Q features an Empathy Coach, an AI-powered tool to heighten awareness of empathy and offer suggestions for improvement.

Hybrid Meeting Support

In today’s hybrid work environment, the meeting landscape is constantly changing. Hybrid Meeting Support was built for our modern sales environment, allowing you to gauge the sentiment and engagement of your audience, no matter where they are or how many people are in the room.

  • Identify multiple speakers in the same room to ensure every voice is recognized and heard.
  • Stop missing out on crucial insights or ideas by accurately distinguishing individual speakers.
  • Create a more inclusive and collaborative meeting environment, fostering better engagement and decision-making.
Four professionals engaged in a meeting at a conference table, discussing the latest Innovation Release, with one standing presenter and three seated participants.

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