Why Q For Sales

Actionable insights
Real-time understanding

Q for Sales gives revenue teams an edge in turbulent markets. It helps reps read the room, identify customer concerns, validate buyer sentiment, and close deals more effectively.

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Move from lagging indicators
to leading insights.

Q gives revenue teams next-level sales intelligence. By analyzing the visual, verbal, and tonal cues within the context of the conversation and deal stage, Q is able to understand and surface actionable insights to improve deal execution and revenue performance.

With human-level understanding:

  • Voice: Capture every voice in the conversation

  • Tone: Analyze the emotion behind what is said.

  • Vision: Identify non-verbal cues and reactions.

  • Content: Understand what resonates with buyers.

Understand what motivates your buyer

Q for Sales gives you real-time analysis to identify when a buyer is engaged or not. So you can better assess messaging, empower your salespeople, and react and adapt on the fly. Make better connections.

Save time reviewing meetings

Say goodbye to long hours analyzing previously recorded calls. Get powerful post-call analysis with actionable insights without having to rewatch calls. Coach your team more efficiently.

Coach from the customer’s perspective

Managers and sellers are empowered with better customer intelligence. So you can better direct your sales teams, test and refine messaging, and be more reactive to prospects. Close more deals.

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See how we deliver better insights in our Solutions guide

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Get the most advanced, real-time AI solution to identify visual, tonal and verbal cues and better close the deal.

Available wherever your team meets:

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