Conversational Intelligence 2.0

Move from reality to understanding.

Traditional Conversational Intelligence tools tell you what is being said, but they don’t give you understanding of the context, the why. With Conversational Intelligence 2.0 revenue teams move from lagging indicators to leading insights across every deal.

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Most conversation intelligence tools aren't solving the problem


Shift from lagging to leading with CI 2.0

Emotions trigger actions. They are the leading indicator of buying behavior. Behavioral science tells us that our emotions play a significant role in our decision-making.

Q for Sales provides insights into buyer emotions to give revenue teams an edge in turbulent and competitive markets. It helps reps read the room, identify customers’ most important concerns, validate a buyer’s sentiment towards their offers & value proposition, and close deals more effectively.

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Forrester Vision Report: The Future of Conversation Intelligence for B2B Revenue is Personalized

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Provide Real-time guidance in the “moments that matter.”

B2B sales reps face new challenges by meeting buyers over video. It’s harder to keep stakeholders engaged and attentive. Reps miss non-verbal cues and important signals. Trust and relationships have been relegated to a sequence of tasks and activity metrics. Presenting virtually requires different skills, different tools to build rapport and establish trust.

With real-time guidance to help reps adjust to buyer sentiment and engagement, Q for Sales empowers reps to effectively present and build rapport with buyers over video meetings.

Identify the cues that make-or-break deals.

Missing even the smallest cue during a sales meeting can cost your organization a potential deal. Buyers want to feel heard and understood, and call recordings leave out a lot of the contextual cues that make-or-break winnable deals.

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