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3X the insights.
A quarter of the cost.

For revenue teams tasked to do more with less, Q for Sales gives you more for less. Catch the verbal, tonal, and visual cues hidden in every video meeting to understand your buyer and surface actionable insights.
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Built with the entire revenue team in mind.

 From real-time insights to Voice of the Customer and buyer analytics, Q surfaces actionable insights for every member of the revenue team. Validate messaging, surface the moments that matter, share important meeting clips across teams, and enable your reps to meet buyers in the moment—with better understanding across every meeting and deal.

Q for Sales Includes:

Q Real-Time:
AI-Powered Notetaking and Meeting Insights for Zoom, Teams, & WebEx

Meeting Insights:
Auto-surface key moments and action items. Analyze buyer sentiment and engagement to identify the topics, content, and moments that matter most to your customer.

Deal Insights:
Understand the sentiment and engagement of all stakeholders, identify what is needed to move deals forward and accelerate sales execution.

Voice of customer insights based on verbal, tonal, and visual signals to validate messaging and methodology, identify market trends, gauge confidence, and better understand your buyer.

Micro-Coaching and Seller EQ to inform Reps on their performance, surface coachable moments, and improve conversation skills and empathy based on buyer reactions.

Team EQ:
Realize the value of training and enablement. Identify lapses in empathy, hesitations, and coachable moments across your team. Track improvement and correlate training to real business outcomes.

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For Collaboration:

Quickly create and share meeting clips and playlists based on your selection or save time with AI-generated key moments.

Sales Coaching:
Surface coachable moments based on buyer confusion and concern while gaining new metrics around Rep performance. Realize the value of training and enablement.

Team Selling:
Get the right people involved in every deal and streamline handoffs. Comment and collaborate directly within the context of specific meetings and deals.

Access Controls:
Complete or controlled access to Meeting Insights, Deal Insights, and Analytics based on your unique permissions.

Setup in less than 5 minutes
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