The Multimodal Conversational AI & Data Platform for All Your Enterprise Needs

Uniphore’s X-Platform reduces costs and improves customer and employee experiences (CX and EX) across all enterprise touchpoints

The Multimodal Conversational AI & Data Platform for All Your Enterprise Needs

Uniphore’s X-Platform reduces costs and improves customer and employee experiences (CX and EX) across all enterprise touchpoints

Supercharge your contact centers and sales operations with the combined power of Generative, Knowledge, Emotion and Multimodal Conversational AI technologies.

Multichannel Data Capture

Enterprise Ecosystem

Enterprise-ready AI

Our platform is the first to infuse multiple AI technologies into all areas of the enterprise that impact the customer.

Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that enables humans and computers to communicate clearly and effectively through speech or text.

  • Proprietary ASR & NLU
  • Real-time assistance
  • Post conversation analytics
  • Industry fine-tuned models

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Generative AI generates new responses by analyzing data from past conversations.

  • Topic discovery
  • Intent mining
  • Summarization
  • Guidance and coaching

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Knowledge AI ingests and manages knowledge across different formats, which can be easily queried to provide the most relevant answers for self-service bots and agents.
  • FAQ chatbots
  • Generative search
  • Knowledge assistance
  • Knowledge base integration
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Emotion AI humanizes conversations with understanding of emotions across visual, text and tone to deliver the right experience.
  • Tonal analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Multimodal AI
  • Behavioral AI
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Optimize every enterprise engagement

Choose the applications you need to solve challenges in your sales and contact centers with the power of multiple AI solutions.

U-Capture from Uniphore

Capture 100% of your conversations with complete and open access to your data for AI, analytics and compliance.

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U-Self Serve from Uniphore

Improve the self-service experience with multimodal AI built for real human conversations.

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U-Assist from Uniphore

Reduce support time for customers with agent-assisted workflows and real-time conversational AI guidance.

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U-Analyze from Uniphore

Analyze 100% of conversations for compliance and engagement opportunities with AI and machine learning.

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Q for Sales from Uniphore

Enable sales teams to collaborate and close deals faster with real-time emotion and conversational AI insights.

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IDC Profiles Uniphore’s Unique Approach to Enterprise-Scale AI

IDC Vendor Profile -Uniphore’s Unique Approach to Enterprise-Scale AI

The best-in-class enterprise tools

These tools are designed to make it easier for business analysts and developers to customize Uniphore products to new and existing use cases.


Automation allows your enterprise to streamline complex actions such as appointment scheduling and creating support tickets in a variety of manners​


The X-Designer is the X-Platform’s unified low-code/no-code canvas that empowers customers to create conversational flows.

X-Platform flow designer hero image


The X-Platform allows for easy integration with some of the most common software platforms and tools. We support:

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X-Platform for

IT & Developers

Through the platform, your team can further extend all our API capabilities and integrate Uniphore's AI and automation technology into your enterprise.

Business Analysts

With Uniphore’s X-Designer, builders can create conversational flows that span across all our products. The X-Designer also enables builders to create automation workflows.

Partners & Resellers

With Uniphore’s X-Platform, partners can deploy tenants of Uniphore products. Products can also be configured with Industry Solution Packs, which fine-tune our AI towards specific verticals.

Generative AI for the Enterprise

Learn how to unlock new capabilities and solve enterprise challenges.

Enterprise benefits with Uniphore’s X-Platform 


Through platform APIs, IT teams and partners can extend the core capabilities of Uniphore products. (Learn more).

Custom APIs can also be integrated into the X-Console via Integration Points, which can then be used by business analysts in the X-Designer.


AI and automation are reusable across all products to reduce duplicated efforts. For example, automation and intent models built in U-Self Serve are easily reusable for assisting agents in U-Assist.

Similarly, Uniphore's Knowledge AI makes enterprise knowledge reusable throughout the platform—across all stages in the customer life cycle.


To increase adoption and innovation across the enterprise, Uniphore's X-Designer provides the necessary tools for non-technical users or business analysts to build and monitor conversational AI experiences.

These workflows are composable to enable quick testing and iteration on the platform.

Data sovereignty, security and compliance

To ensure your enterprise’s data remains secure and fully under your control, we built the X-Platform to meet PCI DSS, CCPA and GDPR compliance requirements—so you can deliver a trusted customer experience.

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