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It’s the perfect time to join our ecosystem. We are growing exponentially with our industry-leading solutions, and the opportunity is unlimited. We have exciting, innovative technology with a value proposition that combines improved customer experience along with a great return-on-investment — your customers can increase customer satisfaction while driving cost savings.

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We have programs crafted to match your business model.

App Alliances

Co-sell your complementary software solutions with Uniphore to reach more customers with our joint solutions.


Wrap Uniphore solutions into your BPO services to provide Uniphore’s benefits to your customers.


Leverage your relationships to identify and qualify sales leads, positioning the right Uniphore solutions, then introducing them to Uniphore to finalize the deal and deploy the solution.


Leverage your industry expertise to sell and implement our solutions, leading the customer relationship end-to-end, from acquisition to deployment.

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Why partner with Uniphore?

Uniphore is the global leader in Conversational Automation. Our vision is to disrupt an outdated customer service model by bridging the gap between human and machine using voice, AI, and automation to ensure that every conversation, on every call, is truly heard.

Uniphore’s Conversational Service Automation Platform:

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Who is Uniphore?

Uniphore’s Conversational Automation solution automates conversations, predicts sentiments, summarizes, and ensures promises are kept.

Reducing Friction in Customer Journey

Leverage AI and ML to understand customer intent and sentiment and deliver guidance along the journey.

Increasing Self-Service Automation Rates

Use intelligent virtual agents to engage with customers for routine telecom transactions and reduce call waiting times.

Automating Call Categorization and Summary

Support agents by automating intent recognition, categorization, call notes, and post-call case summary with high accuracy and reduced time.

Lowering AHT and Increase Speed of Resolution

Generate in-call guidance and recommendations to identify and predict issues and recommend resolution, thus lowering AHT.

Ensuring Promise Fulfillment

Track and manage promises made to customer and automate post-call communications to customer.

Generating End-to-end Customer Insights

Post interaction analytics (cross-channel) to help identify reasons for customer churn, competitors mentions, agent’s sales effectiveness and performance.

We have benefits when you partner with us.

We provide assets, MDF, deal reg, rewards, and more through our new portal

We provide email and phone support for the larger group of small partners that we want to recruit.

Our funds program is unique because it provides not only funding but also an experienced global agency to assist the partners in planning, messaging, positioning, and targeting to ensure they get the most out of their funds.  


We have an exclusive, invitation-only advisory council to allow partners to have direct feedback and engagement with key members of the Uniphore team, building a community of our strategic partners and their leaders.

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We have developed our Uniphore UNITE partner program to help build relationships with companies that can team up with us to transform customer experience through automation and AI.

And there are more benefits.

Incentives & discounts

Marketing Support

Promotions & spiffs

Skills development

Sales & technical training


Lead pass programs

Services support

Commitment to growth

Dedicated channel teams

Partner advisory councils

Discount levels that reward Investment

Marketing Development Funds (MDF)

Marketing resources & support

Partner Locator listing & logo usage

Featured Industries


Uniphore helps companies in the telecom industry to:


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Financial Services

Uniphore helps companies in the financial services industry to:

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