Agent Call Recording, Management & Automation

Annotate calls, record on demand and support audio suppression with PCI compliance.

A man is working on a computer with headphones on for compliance recording.

An adaptive call management solution

As understanding and optimizing the customer journey becomes paramount, capturing additional information from agent and customer interactions – alongside conversational data itself – provides organizations with rich contextual information to drive actionable insights.

Through Uniphore’s WorkStation Client, organizations can capture intricate details of an agent’s movement on screen to help establish process, tools or knowledge-related blockers and enable agents to annotate calls with pre-set fields or free text.

Automated and manual suppression of sensitive payment information also maintains a focus on critical PCI compliance and customer data security.

A man is working on a computer with headphones on, ensuring compliance recording.

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A simple, intuitive user interface empowering your agents and supervisors to work more effectively and increase overall productivity.


Screen Tagging

Understand agent actions on screen at different points of customer interactions to guide improvements to agent and customer experience.

Call Annotation

Add pre-defined or free-text metadata to recorded communications to support the capture of additional contextual customer journey data.

Record on Demand

Configure record on demand rules for live and recorded calls, and record or discard calls for audit and compliance recording requirements.

PCI Suppression

Suppress audio during payment transactions and "mute" (blank screen) screen and video to ensure compliance and enhance customer data security.

Channel Naming

Auto-populate the channel names on your recorder based on the Windows login or Citrix User ID associated with the client PC.

Intuitive Interface

The app can be configured and deployed as a desktop or laptop client and integrates with Conversa for ease of use.

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