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Are you looking for a complete compliance recording solution that also gives you 100% access to conversational data and real-time AI-ready voice streams?

U-Capture Enterprise captures media and high-quality audio and gives you complete, real-time control of and access to this rich data set to underpin AI and automation initiatives, as well as providing the ability to embed complex data and compliance policies for complete data governance. Captured conversations can be archived, moved, purged, retained or exported based on the defined rules.

Whether you’re a financial services organization that mandates recording for fraud and surveillance detection or a contact center that needs to maintain call handing standards, U-Capture Enterprise’s monitoring and analysis of real-time enterprise-wide communications – as well as the ability to retrieve, locate transcripts and listen to recordings through the U-Capture UI – puts you in safe hands.

With evolving and rising regulations, you can also enable automated and manual suppression and redaction of sensitive payment information to maintain a focus on standards, including PCI and GDPR for enhanced customer data security.


Unlock 100% of Your Enterprise Voice Data

With U-Capture, enterprises finally have total data sovereignty, with 100% open access and real-time audio streaming of high-quality conversational data.



Capture uncompressed stereo audio in real-time (or for access post-call), providing a gateway to AI-ready data to fuel speech analytics engines


Monitor and analyze real-time audio to support use cases, including training and coaching, fact verification, event reconstruction and more


Retain and archive calls, and embed complex data and compliance policies via 100% open APIs for complete governance of your voice data

Are you looking for AI-ready data to underpin speech analytics investments?

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