The Belgian Post Group Automated Customer Service for Track and Trace Inquiries

How to shift customer requests from the phone channel to digital self-service channels?

Guide callers from the phone channel to an effortless digital customer service channel using Visual IVR

The bpost logo on a green background, highlighting its automated customer service.

About the Client

The Belgian Post Group, also known as bpost, is one of the largest employers in Belgium, responsible for the delivery of national and international mail. Track and trace inquires for in-transit deliveries can put a strain on contact center agents and any hold times for customers is undesirable. In order to improve the customer experience bpost became interested in providing self-service capabilities. However, their customers have become familiar with calling for assistance.

Our Approach

Bpost, together with Uniphore, formulated a plan and designed a solution for offering self-servicing capabilities at the time customers called. Equipped with a smartphone, customers could now opt in to a visual experience that would be delivered right to their mobile device while on the call.

Customers can now tap and type the details of their delivery and be presented with a visual status update on their package in transit.


  • Customers no longer need to call or connect with staff to locate their delivery
  • bpost has seen a containment rate of 81% among track and trace calls due to successful self-service
  • bpost now has an effective means to capture customer feedback and sentiment and have realized a noticeable increase in transactional NPS

What's Next

Implementation saw a drastic decrease in customer contacts. The solution continues to hold strong in delivering effective self-service for their customers while improving the customers overall experience. bpost decided to start with the track and trace inquiries and their plan is to continue to add functionality through greater integration with their existing knowledgebase to enhance the self-servicing capabilities.