"Consider Uniphore for complex environments where the agent experience is constrained by having to traverse diverse and relatively unintuitive applications and processes."

About the Client

With three campuses, a multitude of programs and more than 30,000 students, the University of Derby stands out as one of the premier higher education institutions in the U.K. The school was recently awarded Gold by the Higher Education Funding Council for England — putting it in the top 20% of schools in the country. 

Between July and September, the University offers Clearing, a service in the UK that helps place students at higher education institutions. 

During the peak of Clearing — a three-day period in August — the University is inundated with over 2,500 calls. To assist with the rush, the University brings on 450 staff members — most of whom are unfamiliar with Clearing processes and procedures.  

Our Approach


Agents used guided workflows built in Uniphore Interact to quickly navigate Zendesk, and confidently answer student queries. The ease of following processes and updating student records meant that staff adoption was relatively quick, with few agents even describing the guided workflows as their “security blanket.”

Results included:

  • Real-time call guidance integrated with Zendesk
  • Shorter wait times on the Clearing hotline
  • Role-focused on-the-job training for temporary staff
  • Easy updates to the workflows and scripts
  • 100% compliance with the defined Clearing procedure

What's Next

Moving forward, the University of Derby will continue to use Uniphore Interact, in combination with Zendesk, for all their Clearing needs. Having the two platforms integrated together has been a boon for the University and made many of the typical Clearing headaches a thing of the past.

The university needed to help temporary staff follow processes, answer student queries and update student records without making any mistakes. Staff needed timely guidance on the actions they needed to take, while on the job, as they couldn’t rely on an extensive training and onboarding period which are quite common in other call centres and helpdesk operations.

Derby needed a tool that could integrate effectively with their existing Clearing platform, Zendesk. Fortunately, the university’s Zendesk consultant recommended Uniphore real-time process guidance.

Following an initial consultation, Uniphore combined the platforms in a single-screen display and simplified the experience for the staff. The platform was then designed to support the existing Clearing procedure. Agents could select their specific role and pick from multiple scenarios that had already been process mapped, effectively personalizing the experience.